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Rent to own homes in Arkansas, AR

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Rent to own homes in Arkansas, AR

Some people are tenants by choice. But most people would prefer to enjoy all the benefits of owning a home if at all possible. It can be the single most important investment you ever make. A lot of people’s personal wealth is made up mostly from equity they’ve built through years of responsible home ownership.

In Rent to Own program, a tenant/buyer signs a lease agreement, along with an option to purchase agreement. Then the tenant/buyer has the right to purchase the property during the lease period. It is set up just like a normal lease agreement, except an option to buy is also given in that same time frame.

The Arkansas “Natural State” is probably best known for being blessed with abundant natural resources, including lakes, clear streams, forests, wildlife, rich farm lands and scenic vistas. With its’ six national park sites, 50 state parks, 2.6 million acres of national forest lands, 13 major lakes, and two mountain ranges, Arkansas provides some of the best outdoor experiences in the country.

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