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Rent to Own Homes Fairfield California

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Rent to Own Homes Fairfield California

Are you still throwing away your hard-earned money by renting?

Why are you paying your landlord’s mortgage for them when you should be putting that money towards becoming a homeowner? Rent to Own homes by owners are the best way to get into the house you want now, without the hassle of finding and obtaining financing through banks.

Our process will only take you a few minutes. After you are registered (it’s free!), we will bring you together with sellers in your area. We will give you everything you need in order to become a successful home buyer, even if you have a less than desirable credit report. We strive to match families with their dream homes, and will not take a single dollar until you are in a home!

With our unique process, we have simplified the rent to own market. With us, almost anyone can qualify to rent a home and build equity towards owning.

You will be able to see real homes near you that you can actually buy, rent to own, or even just rent. We don’t make any money until you are in a home so take advantage of our system to find the home of your dreams!

Simply register your information on our website. We look forward to helping you move into your dream home soon!

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