Rent to Own Homes Clarksville, Tn — It’s easy to find us on 931-320-9707 At Clarksville Property Solutions, LLC we help people with damaged credit into a home of their own at today’s bargain pricing, without requiring you to qualify for bank financing.

No matter what’s happened in your life, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, unpaid credit cards, auto repo, medical bills… you name it, we can work with it.

We are Real Estate Investors who buy and sell houses for a profit. In some (not all) cases we are able to buy in a way that allows us to re-sell on ‘terms’ to a buyer like you. We look at it like the ultimate win-win-win. The seller gets what they need, you the buyer are able to lock in at current pricing without needing bank financing, and we make a profit.

All that is required of you is a reasonable down payment, the willingness and ability to care for and maintain a home of your own. Plus, unlike banks, we don’t care where your down payment comes from.

Then, when you move in, you’ll have the time to let your credit ‘heal’ so, down the road, you’ll be able to go to a bank and ‘cash us out’. In time, even the worst credit will heal, especially if you’re in a comfortable position financially and able to pay your bills on time. We will be sure that when you move in, you’re in that comfortable position with a payment you can afford.

We understand that many of our clients have come through a tough stretch, and need time to recover, rebuild, and heal. If that’s you, then our ‘no bank needed’ program may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Let’s face it, housing prices will not be where they are today forever. So NOW is the time to get back in the game and start the building process.

Our standard program is 3 years long, but we can offer longer if needed depending on your use of our Rent to Own Program or our Owner Finance Program. We have houses of all shapes and sizes in lots of neighborhoods so, you decide where you want to live.

If You Meet The Following Criteria…You Could Be Just Hours Away From Owning This Home:

**Good, stable monthly income that we can verify.

**Current on your bills for the last 6 months.

**Money for a down payment to put towards the purchase of your home.

There are basically a couple of ways we can help you get started…

1. Owner Financing: If you have 10% of the purchase price or more…we’ll give you owner financing right away. That means that we’ll be your bank and you can be an owner of a nice home.

2. Rent-To-Own: If you have less than 10% to put down… then we’ll start you on a Rent-To-Own plan with a modest down payment. That means that you’ll be renting with the right to buy the home as soon as you qualify. We’ll even give you time to raise the rest of the down payment while you’re enjoying living in a nice home! And once you’ve finished raising your down payment one of two things will happen…

1) You’ll be eligible to go to a mortgage company and get a loan on your own.
2) We’ll give you a loan our selves because you’ll automatically qualify for us to giveyou a loan. (See #1 Owner Financing above).

So, if you are tired of renting… and are ready to live in a home of your own, give us a call today!!! We’ll set an appointment so you can look around as much as you like. Call us at (931) 320-9707.

Here’s what we will want to know when you call:

1. How much money can you come up with to put towards the purchase of your home. And when will you have all the money together.

2. We’ll want to know about the jobs or work that you’re doing.

3. And how soon you want to move into your new home.

We have applications for you to get started. It’s FREE … there’s absolutely no cost or obligation to look and see what we might be able to do for you. If not this home… maybe another one that we have for sale. So give us a call right now while it’s fresh on your mind at (931) 320-9707 or you can visit us on the web at:

You Have Everything To Gain And Nothing To Lose!

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