RENT TO OWN AT 105K, Kenpipe Gardens Acacia Kitengela 4Bedroom 10.7Million Kitengela

4Bedroom Goes for 10.7Million in Kitengela , gated Community with Kids playground, You can also rent to own at 45k per Month.

i. Unit Prices: All unit prices for TPS were set at KES 500,000 above the
price for pure sales as a premium for convenience to the Purchaser;So for a
three bedrooms will be 10,000,000/= Normal payment or 10,500,000/= TPS
module.Four bedrooms 10,750,000/= and 11,250,000/=TPS module.

ii. Non-refundable Down Payment: All Purchasers under this Scheme will be
required to make a non-refundable down payment of 10 percent of the value
being purchased;
iii. Interest Rate: The interest rate shall be 12 percent;

iv. Term of Facility: The maximum length of a TPS purchase will not exceed
20 years; and

v. Transfer of Title: This will be done upon completion of payment.

On rentals,the rates inclusive of service charge;35,000kshs and 40,000kshs
for the three and four respectively.
The rental terms are:Two months deposit,one months rent,2500kshs being
water deposit and lease fees of 5000kshs.

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