Relaxing Rain Sounds Black Screen For Sleeping

Relaxing Rain Sounds – Black Screen For Sleeping

Rain falling non-stop with a Dark Screen (No Music, Very Occasional Thunder, No Other Sounds) for 30 minutes. This is super relaxing and many try this for Sleeping and Insomnia treatment. Soothing Rain Sounds are great to have on while Studying, Relaxing or even Meditating. And yes, as a father of 3 kids, it can also be used when Reading to your kids or Putting a Baby to Sleep. This Calming Rain Sound creates a white noise effect which is useful for things such as Tinnitus and Blocking Noise, but paired with a dark/black screen allows you to play it while not being bothered by brightness of a screen or images.

Please share with friends or family that may be suffering with lack of sleep or need something peaceful to put on in the background. Hope you enjoy the rain 🙂


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