Recore Mattress Review – The Best Latex Mattress For Couples?

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If you’re in the market for a latex mattress, the Recore might be a good option. Eager to see whether it will meet your sleep needs? Check out our Recore mattress review!

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The Recore mattress feels supportive, while still offering the pressure relief side sleepers need. And thanks to its latex comfort layer, it has a responsive feel that doesn’t trap body heat. Unlike many responsive beds, however, the Recore mattress isolates motion well. That’s great news for couples, because folks shouldn’t feel their partner’s movements on their side of the bed.

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Hey there Canada it's Elissa your Friendly neighborhood mattress reviewer At if you're looking For Canada's best latex mattress the Recore might be the one for you to help You figure it out I'll go over its Firmness feel and unique features but Don't forget you can find all of this Information and more at along with some Money saving coupons all right let's get Started Before I dive in I do want to note that We may earn a commission if you choose To buy this mattress using our affiliate Link in the description below this helps Us fund our mattress testing operations And it keeps all of our content free to You [Music] I'm going to start by talking about the Company policies if you buy a recore Mattress it is backed by a 15-year Warranty and it comes with a 120 night Sleep trial period plus they offer free Shipping and free returns now let's get Into the nitty-gritty details and talk About the construction of the recore Mattress so this bed is 10 and a half Inches tall or 27.9 centimeters tall It's surrounded by an anti-microbial Cover that helps you stay cool Throughout the night to also help you Stay cool there's a comfort layer made

With graphite infused latex foam now Latex is naturally breathable and Responsive so it doesn't trap body heat Like a lot of memory foam does but to Make it even better if the graphite Infusion helps pull heat away from the Body beneath that is a layer of cooling Gel foam which also helps you stay cool At night and at the very bottom there's A thick layer of high density support Foam Like that the recore mattress is a bed In a box mattress which means it'll Arrive on your doorstep compressed Inside a cardboard box it's super easy To unbox it but you will want to ask a Friend to help you because these boxes Can be pretty heavy all in all it took Me and my friend about 10-15 minutes to Get it out of the plastic and place it On the bed frame you will want to wait About 24 to 48 hours for this mattress To completely off gas and expand before Sleeping on it [Music] Thank you Moving on to two of the most important Things you want to consider firmness and Feel the recore mattress and our Firmness scale feels like a 7 out of 10. This is just a half Point firmer than The industry standard which is six and a Half out of ten so if you need a little Bit more lumbar support this could be a

Way to go and speaking of that let's Talk about what it feels like so this Mattress is entirely made out of foam But it doesn't have that traditional Slow moving memory foam feel I would Describe this more as a balanced foam Feel because you'll sink into the top Layers a little bit but you're not going To get that quicksand sort of feel it's A bit more responsive and easier to move Around on let's chat about sleeping Positions for me personally when I rest On my back on the recore mattress this Is really where it shines I get a great Balance of comfort and support a little Bit of softness where I need it but Again helps my back stay in a nice Neutral alignment for me it's also Pretty good while side sleeping even Though it's a bit on the firmer side I Still get that pressure relief that I Need it's possible that even heavier People will sink into it a bit more and Feel more of that cushioning than I do And surprisingly this mattress felt Really comfortable while stomach Sleeping for me I'm five foot three I Don't compress the layers too much so it Was still able to help my back pain and Nice neutral alignment I will say if You're taller than me you might sink Into that top layer a bit more which Could put some strain on your lower back And could create pain over time

If you share a bed with a partner there Are a couple things you want to pay Close attention to First you have motion Isolation and then you have Edge support Let's start by talking about motion Isolation if you don't know what this is It just means that if you're sleeping on One side of the bed and your partner Comes in on the other and they start Switching sleeping positions will you Feel that movement come over to your Side of the bed well because this Mattress is made entirely out of foam it Isolates motion really well when we Tested it out I really didn't feel a Whole lot of that movement come over to My side of the bed same can be said Whenever we tested it with a glass of Water press into the surface not a whole Lot of movement happening within the Glass now moving on to Edge support this Is also important because if the side of The mattress isn't going to support you It'll Force both couples to sleep closer To the center of the mattress now even Though this bed doesn't have a really Strong inner spring support system it Still has pretty decent Edge support you Will sink through those top layers a Little bit but the bottom section will Help you stay secure so you know not the Best Edge support I've ever tried but Better than average [Music]

You're probably wondering how much this Mattress costs well a queen size Mattress at full price cost about 999 Dollars Canadian but of course you can Get some free accessories and some nice Little perks if you purchase with our Mattress Clarity coupon in the Description below Before I wrap up I'll go over the pros And cons of the recore mattress starting With the good stuff this bed works Really well for combination sleepers Especially if you're about average Height and weight you should feel Comfortable while your backside and Stomach sleeping it's also a great Choice for hot sleepers that graphite Infusion the latex the gel foam all Helps dissipate body heat so you Shouldn't wake up feeling stuffy and Uncomfortable and finally this mattress Works really well for folks looking for A balanced foam feel get a little bit of That memory foam Comfort but you're not Going to sink into it or find it Difficult to move around on the bed of Course we have to talk about the cons as Well the recore mattress isn't the best Choice for heavier stomach sleepers Because this could cause them to sink Out of alignment and it could create Some back pain also not a great choice If you're a fan of that more slow moving Kind of quicksand memory foam feel yes

This was made entirely out of foam but You're not going to get that same kind Of feel on this mattress Similarly it's not the best choice if You're looking for a super bouncy inner Spring bed you will find thick Comfort Layers it's a bit more responsive than Average but it doesn't have that typical Inner spring bounce that's about it if You need any more information about the Recore mattress head over to and read our full Review you'll also find some money Saving coupons while you're there see ya Foreign [Music]