Ram Bomjon’s “dharma” desecrates Buddhist Shrines, teaches backward Mantras! (English subtitles)


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Buddhist Lama of Ratanpuri, who 2 years supported Ram Bahadur Bomjon, speaks out about the attempts of “Maitri Dharma” leaders of Ram Bomjon to destroy Buddhism and replace it with their “Maitri Dharma”: they throw out Buddhist statues from Buddhist temples and replace them by photos of Ram Bomjon! In other villages they burn Buddhist holy books and ritual items. The monk says Bomjon teaches UPSIDE-DOWN MANTRAS, turning Tibetan (Sambotha) Mantras BACKWARD and teaching them to his followers. This lama and others had left Bomjon because he is doing things opposite to Buddhism, and he was caught lying and keeping girlfriends while claiming to be an Ascetic, etc.

This video was created and published by Medianp.com under the title Exclusive युवतीका कारण बम्जनको मति भ्रष्ट ! उनीसंगै २ वर्ष बस्ने चेलाको खुलासा RAM BAHADUR BOMJAN . I have added English subtitles to it, so as foreigners get access to the important message in it.

Parampuja Maitriya Mahan Guru Maha #Sambodhi #Dharma Sangha aka the #Buddha Boy, Tapasvi and Palden Dorje of Nepal, is advertised by his Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha organization as the Future Buddha #Maitreya. He became world-famous thanks to the #Discovery Channel Documentary The Boy with #Divine Powers, which claimed (without proofs) that the #Nepalese Ascetic had meditated 10 months without food and water. Later on his followers started to spread a new doctrine, according to which the “Buddha Boy” was meditating without food and water (a breatharian) for a whole 6 years. These claims had been never proved, and on the contrary, witnesses and followers from that time agree that Ram Bamjan had been eating and drinking, and even having girlfriends and attempting many rapes.

Known as the Little Buddha between 2005 and 2012, Bomjon had established a New World Order concept named #Maitri Dharma, which consists of worshiping his own person as a divine embodiment and serving him unconditionally. From 2012 he had exclaimed that he had attained higher enlightenment (Bodhi) than Gautama Buddha, thus he is a Maha Sambodhi. Ridiculing Buddha and Buddhism he says he is bringing a totally new religion to the Universe, which will unify all religions, creed and nations, creating One Country, One Religion, One Law, One Language (Maitri Language) and most importantly, One Religious Leader who is actually (as he claims and his followers firmly believe) also the Highest Possible God of the whole Universe: it means Bomjon himself.
The United Nations seems to support him, as well as world-famous UN activist for World Peace Junsei #Terasawa. Maitriya Guru’s followers claim that His Holiness the Dalai Lama once told that Bomjon is “the guru of my gurus”. Dalai Lama had never published any disclaimer.

Ram Bahadur Bomjon has a series of criminal deeds behind him, including kidnapping, locking up people for months, chaining them to trees, beating to blood and fractures, raping, incest, brutal tortures and murder.

In 2018 his nun Ganga Maya Moktan had accused him of raping her when she was 14. After her police report, family members of the disappeared monk-servant of Bomjon Sancha Lal Waiwa had joined the police cases, learning from two witnesses that Waiwa had been lynched t death by Bomjon and his other monks. News about other disappeared nuns and monks appeared soon, who were long-time staying with Maitri Buddha in his Ashrams in Halkhoriya and other districts: Fulmaya Rumba, Chinimaya Tamang, Suresh Ale Magar and Bomjan’s former girlfriend Rita Bot all disappeared from his own ashram premises years ago.

After Nepal’s Communist Party leader and Bomjon’s supporter Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) had ordered the police to stop all investigation in April 2019, all the 72 victims of Ram Bahadur Bomjon remain without justice in Nepal.

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