Q96 Miracles – Little Katie Blindness (TrueHope and EmpowerPlus)

7 Day Prayer Miracle

Hi My Friend, Q96 (previously called CNE) is working! More Info here: Purchase product or enroll as a distributor here:
(USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand – preferred customer only $15 for a 7 day supply, $49 for a month supply, or distributor enrollment of $99 includes 4 week sample boxes, with bigger packages available)

I am super excited about this below for Mental Clarity, Better Mood and Health Miracles (Amazing Testimonies). It is working great for sleep, headaches, to feeling well, to handling depression, mental illness, to no postpartum for pregnant mothers, to bright children and even blindness and much more.

HUGE Health Discovery with potential to help everyone on the planet…in fact, from one of our related rehab centers,
“We are already using exclusively the Q96 EMPower Plus formula. It is the best I have seen of anything I have tried yet.”
(Life Center For A New Tomorrow)

This is a very special natural health supplement in capsule or powder form (targeted for the brain and nervous system), for the whole family and even a tasty wafer for pets! Unique 96-hour process increases absorption for maximum nutrient uptake in the brain.

It is a micro-nutrient multi-vitamin, with minerals and amino acids, that has proven effective for Mood, Mental Clarity and even documented for Depression and severe mental illness! Talk about an opportunity and a cause! The company even had financial backing for research after winning a court battle with Health Canada (Government). Backed by scientific studies conducted at major universities in four countries, as well as research published in peer–reviewed journals.

Here’s the Approved Canadian Health Claim: “Supports Mental and Physical Well Being.” I think this could be a huge opportunity and to really make a difference. Have you known anyone that needs or wants improved Mental Clarity, Better Mood, Stress Relief, or even has been diagnosed or mis-diagnosed with “mental illness?” 19 out of 22 people (toughest cases) improved! THAT is Huge!

The supplement undergoes special handling to really get results, AND you must hear the story on how and WHY it was created!

I see this as the biggest opportunity I have ever seen, with revolutionizing not only the Health and Wellness Industry BUT, the Mental Health Industry….already with loads of clinical and professional AND psychiatric documentation and even a court battle victory in Canada!

“What Does Feeling Good Look Like?”
Check this with 3 great short videos (including TV News coverage) for Better Mood and Mental Health, Go to:

Then purchase or enroll here:

(USA and Canada, preferred customer only $15 for a 7 day supply, $49 for a month supply, or distributor enrollment of $99 includes 4 week sample boxes, with bigger packages available)

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee! Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids only…

It’s not just another supplement….it is one of a kind. 🙂 With a special process to help the nutrients really get assimilated and to be effective.

We are the only ones that have this 🙂

Exciting news and breakthrough! Contact me for more information, testimonies and questions.

Paul Maselli
Text or call (727) 678 9659
[email protected]

This product is going way beyond what we thought it would do…

Miracle healing for little Katie, blindness and health issues…

Discovery Health Channel (The founding story of Q96 and resulting outcome.) This television documentary aired globally. No other health supplement I know of has had a full Discovery Channel documentary.
(Contact me for the video)

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