Purple Pillow, What it did to my Eyes!!!

Puffy Lux

Got the highly acclaimed purple pillow because of all the reviews it was receiving online, and because of all the positive things that were written about it. Such as it is a bed for your head, it gives you better sleep, it has a smart comfort grid, that it has new smart sleep technology, that it absorbs pressure, it sleeps cool and that you get real neck support. So purple pillow review time!!!! Shortly after I started to notice that my eyes were feeling weird after waking up in the morning, they felt tired like never before. All I wanted to do was sleep after waking up. This can’t be normal, can it? I decided to open up the pillow casing (just like honest review did) to see how much powder (talcum powder maybe?) was actually in the pillow. There was a lot of it. So I decided to make a little test by sleeping on a different pillow to see if the tired eyes went away in the morning, and they did. It was like magic! this was my health risk test so to speak. After doing this test for several days, I concluded that the pillow had adverse effects on my eyes due to the plastic powder that was in it. So I now sleep on a different brand pillow due to the fear of health risks that it may be creating for me.

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