Purple Pillow Comparison – Which Purple Pillow Is Best?

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If you’ve got your eye on a Purple pillow but aren’t sure which model to get, we’ve got the video for you! In this Purple pillow comparison, we’ll go over the unique features of the Purple pillows. Which Purple pillow is best for you? Watch our full video review to learn more!

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0:00 Purple Pillow Comparison Overview
0:38 The Pillows
1:02 Constructions
2:20 Which Purple Pillow Should Back Sleepers Get?
2:53 Which Purple Pillow Should Side Sleepers Get?
3:20 Which Purple Pillow Should Stomach Sleepers Get?
3:49 Wrap Up

Purple is known for its unique mattresses, and its pillows are just as exceptional. The original Purple pillow shrinks Purple’s proprietary gel grid mattress material into pillow size. This squishy yet supportive pillow has an adjustable loft that makes it good for all three sleeping positions. Similarly, the luxurious Purple Harmony pillow features a breathable latex foam core that is optimized for airflow and pressure relief. Hot sleepers and side sleepers in particular will love this pillow!

For fans of down-alternative pillows, the Purple Cloud and TwinCloud pillows are filled with a fluffy gel-fiber blend. The “two-in-one” TwinCloud pillow is the customizable option of the two, as it comes as two flat pillows that can be zipped together to change its height and feel. With the expectation of the taller Purple Cloud pillow, all of Purple’s pillows will work for all three sleeping positions. Which Purple pillow is best for you, then, comes down to personal preference!

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