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Purple Mattress Review (UPDATE!) + Casper Mattress Comparison

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Purple Mattress Review (UPDATE!) + Casper Mattress Comparison

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It’s hard to look online for mattresses without hearing about the Purple. This is really one of the most, if not the most popular bed-in-a-box mattress. In our purple mattress review, we go in-depth to give you all the info you need on this incredibly popular bed.

8:18 – Is the Purple mattress any good?

Well, I can say it is a great mattress. What really sets the Purple mattress apart is the Purple Grid. This proprietary material can be firm and supportive but also soft and comfortable.

This balance of comfort and support makes the mattress a great mattress for back sleepers. Personally, when I was lying on my back, my hips sunk in just a bit, and the rest of the mattress was super supportive.

1:40 – What does the Purple mattress feel like?

While I didn’t get the best pressure relief while side sleeping, this shouldn’t be the case with larger sleepers. They will press further into the Purple Grid and feel better pressure relief.

At the same time, the Purple is also a fantastic mattress for stomach sleepers, and it should offer nice even support across the entire body.

2:35 – Does the Purple mattress sleep hot?

The Purple is also a cooling mattress as well as a very durable mattress.

For more information about the construction of the Purple as well as the benefits and drawbacks, check out our full written Purple mattress review! –

You’re watching Joe Auer, founder of Mattress Clarity, with an appearance by staff writer and reviewer Marten Carlson.

Still, the Purple is not for everyone. Lightweight side sleepers, like me, might feel like the mattress is too firm. Also, those who like to sink into their mattresses or prefer a standard foam feel are going to want to look elsewhere.

In the end, the Purple really is a fantastic mattress, and I understand why it is so popular.

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