Purple 2 Mattress: 1 year follow up Review + Bonus Info

Puffy Lux

Having had experienced first hand with the Purple 2 Mattress, I thought I’d make a 1 year followup video on the mattress. First of all, the mattress does come with a 100 night trial and can be returnable (only if the mattress is not stained or damaged).

I didn’t mention in the video that the bed is really cool compared to memory foam and air beds at nighttime. The Purple 2 is great for back and occasional side sleepers.

Please feel free to add any additional comments to help other viewers. I really appreciate a thumbs up to get the message out.

There are many variants of this bed so find which one is best fit for you.

Purple Mattress (Medium-Firm) (no coils):

Purple 2 Mattress (Firm):

Purple 3 Mattress (Medium):

I’m still using this mattress and overall I still in my opinion believe that it’s really good. It’s a unique type of bed compared to conventional, air beds and memory foam beds.

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