Purina Petlife Airtech Hybrid Mattress

With unprecedented body weight support the Purina Petlife Airtech Hybrid Mattresses is the latest in bedding technology for pets. Made of a hybrid construction of interwoven Airfiber & High Density Memory Foam core, encourages airflow and regulates body temperature throughout the night, aiding in restorative sleep and improved daily performance.

Not only does this bed offer greater body pressure distribution, which minimises intensive pressure on your pet’s body, but provides a supportive, yet soft, pressure relieving sleep surface, unlike anthing currently available on the market.

Made of an antimicrobial eye-mesh inner cover to inhibits growth of pathogens & bacteria, this bed is ideal for pets with skin sensitivities.

Bed also contains an odour resistant outer cover with Silver Ion Technology, which gives your loved one 24/7 Protection against odour causing bacteria.

Buy it now form all good pet specialty retailers. View the rest of the Purina Petlife range at www.petlife.com.au

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