Puffy vs Purple | #1 Mattress Review Guide (UPDATED 2022)

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Puffy vs Purple | #1 Mattress Review Guide (UPDATED 2022). In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach compares Purple vs Puffy. Puffy and Purple are two of the most popular online bed in a box brands. JD covers how Purple and Puffy compare in terms of policies (shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties), mattress construction and overall feel. Purple beds have a very unique gel-like feel thanks to their GelFlex grid. Puffy, on the other hand, has a soft foam feel. JD also talks about the firmness of each mattress and whether side sleepers, back sleepers or stomach sleepers will like these beds. Thanks for watching this Puffy vs Purple mattress review.

Full Purple vs Puffy Mattress Comparison:

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Purple Hybrid Review:

Puffy Mattress Review:

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0:00 – Introduction
0:58 – General Mattress Policies
2:32 – Construction
3:42 – Firmness
4:18 – Feel
5:36 – X-Factors
6:20 – Pricing
7:15 – Final Verdict: Puffy vs Purple
7:45 – Conclusion

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