Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress Review – Fit For Royalty?

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As the brand’s most luxurious mattress, the Puffy Royal has many impressive features. This 14” mattress has cloud-like memory foam, zoned support, and strong coils. Because of its unique construction, it works well for many different types of sleepers. But is it the right one for you? Watch our Puffy Royal mattress review video to find out!

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0:00 Puffy Royal Mattress Overview
1:15 Puffy Royal Construction
3:22 Firmness and Feel
4:19 Sleeping Positions
5:13 Pressure Map
5:48 Motion Transfer
6:45 Edge Support
7:28 Who Should Get The Puffy Royal?
7:57 Who Shouldn’t Get The Puffy Royal?
8:45 Puffy Royal Vs. Puffy Mattress
10:15 How To Unbox The Puffy Royal
10:55 Additional Information
11:23 What Is The Difference Between The Puffy Lux And The Puffy Royal?
11:37 Is The Puffy Royal Hybrid Worth The Money?
12:04 What Is The Firmness Of The Puffy Royal Hybrid?
12:20 Wrap-Up

The Puffy Royal has a classic medium firm feel. When your head hits the mattress, you’ll slowly sink into its soft foam layers. Thanks to its reflexive foam layer, however, you won’t feel “stuck” inside the bed.

What really sets this bed apart, though, is its zoned support layer. This section feels firmer in some areas and softer in others, so it provides fantastic support for back and side sleepers.

It also has many cooling features, so you shouldn’t feel hot at night. The cooling beds and climate control foam help pull heat away from the body. And like all Puffy mattresses, this bed is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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