Puffy Mattress Review – How Much Memory Foam For Pressure Relief?

Puffy Lux


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Hand-crafted in the United States, the Puffy mattress is here to bring customers a cloud-like sleep that’s as pressure-relieving as it is supportive. And how does it aim to do this? With an all-foam design that’s gentle and adaptable to each sleeper’s unique body.

While this certainly sounds impressive, I won’t know how comfortable the Puffy mattress actually is until I put it to the test, sussing out its construction and feel to see if it might just be the bed of your dreams!

The Puffy features a straightforward design with just two foam layers: one of thick memory foam and another of high-density poly foam. While the construction might seem a little simplistic, the brand says the combination of materials has been specifically selected to bring targeted relief to the spine.

I should mention that for the purpose of this review, I’m only taking a look at the Puffy Standard. The company also sells a Lux mattress that comes with an additional layer of cooling memory foam.


Cover – The cover is made of polyester, making for a soft and elastic material. I also found the fabric to be pretty thin, which encourages airflow throughout the mattress.

Comfort Layer – Comprised of 4” of gel memory foam, the comfort layer here is super soft and has a very slow response to pressure, which means you’re likely to sink in deep for some intense body contouring. While it’s typical for all-foam beds such as this to feature a top section of memory foam, this layer in particular is incredibly thick and should bring some satisfying relief to the shoulders and hips. And though memory foam has a bit of a reputation for overheating in the night, Puffy has managed to mitigate this with a gel infusion intended to keep things nice and cool while you sleep.

Support Layer – A lack of a transition layer* brings us straight into the main support system of the mattress, composed of 6” of high-density poly foam. Unlike the memory foam layer above it, this section has a quick response to pressure and is quite firm, imbuing the structure with its stability and shape.

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