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Puffy Mattress – back pain free mattress

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Puffy Mattress – back pain free mattress

Puffy Lux


This is one of many new online mattress companies that ship their product in a box. A queen size currently retails for $850 which puts it at a comparable price to the leading online brands. It comes with a 101-night sleep trial where if you don’t like it you can return it for a full refund. What does that mean? Well for starters, you don’t need to put it back in the box and ship it back. Instead, the company will work with you to donate it or they will come to pick it up. Either way, it’s not a hassle.
Once you get it out of the box you will find that it is wrapped in plastic. This protects it from all the elements it may get exposed to in delivery. Unboxing is easy. From here, just cut the plastic carefully and the mattress will slowly expand into shape.
Here’s what the mattress looks like a few hours after opening. You can see the signature clouds stitched into the mattress ticking a very nice touch.
This mattress has a nice border around the front of the mattress with their logo. Although you aren’t going to notice this after you put sheets on the bed, it shows that they have put some thought into the looks of the bed and therefore put some thought into the feel as well.

Inside the Puffy Mattress
Here’s what the mattress looks like inside with the cover off. What makes this mattress so conforming is the top layer which you really sink into fast.
My Puffy Findings
Overall I found this to be a softer mattress. Despite only having two layers, it transitions well so that you don’t feel yourself hitting the base layer when you lie down.
Here’s a video of me squishing the mattress so you can see how each layer reacts. As you can see the top layer responds much more slowly.
How is Motion Transfer on the Puffy Mattress?
Here’s another video illustrating motion transfer. There is very little bounce with this mattress and I believe this was by design. This mattress would be a good choice for couples looking to eliminate motion transfer. This mattress behaves similarly to other dense foam mattresses like Nectar where there will be little motion transfer. However heavier people may find that it will not completely eliminate this issue.
Does the Puffy Mattress Sleep Hot?
The video below was taken with my thermal camera to illustrate heat retention on the mattress. I thought this mattress handled heat fairly well given its construction. If sleeping hot is a primary concern, there are other mattresses such as the Purple which will sleep much cooler but may not conform quite as well.

My Puffy Mattress Recommendation
Overall the Puffy is a conforming, soft mattress that should please people that like a softer feel with conforming foam. At $850 for a queen size after the $300 discount, it’s right on target with other brands. I was really impressed with how it conforms and relieves pressure without being hard to move around on.
The 2019 Puffy Mattress Update

Since this mattress was introduced in 2017 literally dozens of new brands have launched to compete in the online bed in a box space. While all of these have some unique features, the Puffy still has a unique feel.
I think the Puffy is still worth considering and should definitely be on your short list if you are a side sleeper as it should completely address shoulder and hip soreness. Everything about the Puffy is convenient so it’s definitely worth trying out.

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