Projection Alarm Clock for Bedrooms | Multifunctional Clock with FM Radio and Projection

Projection Alarm Clock for Bedrooms | Multifunctional Clock with FM Radio and Projection

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Amazon Product Name: Multifunctional Alarm Clock for Bedrooms with FM Radio and Projection

This multifunctional alarm clock is designed for bedrooms and comes with a range of useful features. It has a built-in FM radio, which allows you to wake up to your favorite station. The clock also projects the time onto the ceiling or wall, making it easy to see from anywhere in the room. In addition, it has a snooze function, so you can enjoy a few extra minutes of sleep before getting up.

Key Features (Pointwise):

Built-in FM radio
Time projection onto the ceiling or wall
Snooze function
Large LED display
Multiple alarm settings
Battery backup
Pros (Pointwise):

Convenient and easy to use
Multifunctional with a range of useful features
Large LED display makes it easy to see the time
Battery backup ensures that you never miss an alarm, even during power outages
Sleek and stylish design
Cons (Pointwise):

The projection can sometimes be difficult to see in bright light
The radio reception may not be as clear as with a standalone radio
Conclusion: The multifunctional alarm clock with FM radio and projection is a convenient and useful addition to any bedroom. Its range of features, including the built-in FM radio, time projection, and snooze function, make it a versatile and practical device. The large LED display and battery backup add to its convenience, while the sleek design ensures it looks great in any setting. Although the projection can sometimes be difficult to see in bright light, and the radio reception may not be as clear as with a standalone radio, overall, this is a high-quality and reliable alarm clock that is well worth considering.

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All right this is a fast and simple Review of the projection alarm clock Just I want to show you the uh the Opening of the package real quick So simply comes with a plug Charging cable And the directions And the clock itself So we'll go ahead and get this thing Plugged in and start showcasing it this Looks like the antenna for the FM so We'll uh we'll plug it in get it charged Up you know get it operational and then Continue the review All right so I'm going to continue this In a dark room a relatively dark it's Simple the cord is pretty uh pretty long Here it's about a two three foot Cord Simple USB plug S right into the wall And then what you'll find is on the back Of the Clock you'll see a simple Plug And that just plugs in now also to note It's got a USB charger on the side which Uh which will make that pretty sweet and So what I want to showcase is obviously The clock itself is working But I want to show How the flexibility here this is going To be a wall display so if we want to Start to display

Really we just press that button right There and you'll see a little blue light There it starts to shine and uh I'm Going to Showcase how this works it's Pretty sweet actually So as you can see we have the clock Working right now and I'm just going to Come up to the wall here and we can see That it is a an adjustable so I can move it as needed To adjust just by swiveling this and it Can swivel forward backwards so very Cool so if you're one of these people That needs to see it on the ceiling it's Going to be there and again it's still On the front So as mentioned there's a USB plug on The side and I just want to show you Real quick that it is charging while Plugged in so if you need to charge an Additional device put your phone on it Or whatever while plugged into the wall It's certainly capable of doing that All right and to check the radio here There's a little radio button and what You'll want to do is short press that I Believe let me just short press Turn it on And it is automatically conducts Searching and this one a I'm Jen White If you would Oh I'm gonna just search Have to get that volume down a little

Bit Let's see what that does Back here we have a little volume button And then to the right is the dim button So If we need to dim this Uh as you can kind of see it dims out it Does not affect the wall so I gotta Try and give you that angle Well so something I'm also noticing it Doesn't really stay in place with your Adjustments so very well it just could Be my device when going backwards so It's it's a much better stay in place on The front but on the back it kind of Swivels back a little bit as you can see So not great on that but again Um Something that we uh we'll definitely Want to consider so as far as changing Channels Um Let's see trying to figure out how to Save channels um it does in the Direction say you can manually manually Search stations And again it is an FM radio so we'll Just uh want to continue to Switch stations very very much Essentially Around the Clock over the Weekend Yeah we're back into our searches by Holding the button And it's just going to keep rotating

Through To find different stations so Um you can do some work on that I'm not Going to spend too much more time here Um on that so I'm just going to turn That off but I do want to kind of Let you know There are different alarm settings and The like that you can mess around with And overall it's pretty uh pretty solid Um beautiful interface uh very nice Stand and you know again you can kind of Set multiple alarms just read the Directions for that and again overall Seem very very cool one thing that I'll Definitely try and focus on is how to uh You know keep this in place depending on Where I want to uh you know kind of Drive that image and so maybe you just Put kind of a A little tightener in there to keep it In place but usually you don't want to Have it you know you want to have it Kind of projecting on the ceiling anyway So it is going to be up in the air where It kind of is pretty solid so hope this Review helps and uh thanks for watching