PREMIUM LARGE FERRO RODS, 3 PACK Review | Titan Survival Product Review Combustion Category

PREMIUM LARGE FERRO RODS, 3 PACK Review | Titan Survival Product Review

This product is a 3-Pack of premium TITAN Survival ferrocerium rods, with each rod measuring 1/2” wide and 5.5” long. This is the perfect size for easy gripping and maximum sparkage. Made from a proprietary medium-soft mischmetal to maximize the amount of sparks thrown with each long stroke, the same material also minimizes damage and breakage traditionally caused by harder, more brittle ferro-rods

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Hi guys and welcome back to the fourth Video for our Um combustion um Category So for the fourth item we have premium Large ferro rods this is the three pack So the price is 31.98 Alright so this is what um the ferro Roll looks Like okay All right i should have clicked that but Anyways that’s what it looks like All right so the fire starts fire fast It works flawlessly wet or dry Built to last Guaranteed to spark more than 12 000 Times perfect for bug out bags and Emergency kits Alright So let me just go ahead and Read some of The product specifications the maximum Sparkage is That this product is a three pack of Premium titan survival ferrocerium rods With each rod measuring Half inches wide and 5.5 inches long This is the perfect size for Easy gripping And maximum sparkage so made from a Proprietary medium soft Mesh metal To maximize the amount of sparks thrown With each long stroke the same material

Also minimizes damage and breakage Traditionally caused by harder more Brittle ferro rods So this is a survival must designed to Last for 12 000 plus uses each pharaoh Rod will throw a massive shower of 5 500 degrees fahrenheit parks To ignite your fire in any weather Condition and works in rain snow wind or Fallout And Is a must-have tool for your kit so Whether hiking camping hunting Fishing edc backpacking or boating you Don’t want to leave home without a tidal Survival ferro rod And it lasts for generations so each Ferro rod Um comes Covered in a protective black paint from The factory to minimize premature Oxidizing This coating must be scraped off to Reveal the reu the usable Silver ferrocerium underneath so after Using simply wipe down with vaseline or Wd-40 To protect it from oxidation until you Need it next so it pre pre-drilled holes Each ferro rod Hole has been drilled to a five Millimeter diameter perfect for Threading with premium survival power Cords like the survivor cord or survivor

Cord xt So if the product specs size for the Renault price is 2 by 2 by 6.5 inches Size of each is 0.5 by 5.5 inches total Weight is 14.2 ounces or 4.73 ounce each And That’s all about it so let’s go ahead And read the reviews so out of 24 Reviews 96 Says that it’s a five star so let me Read some of those it says here five Stars big Rods mean big sparks They quickly start a fire and throw a Massive amount of sparks great by for Any survivalist It says here superior quality is as Expected with a bonus of a wide mouth Preform bottle for a container Ferro rods arrive quickly some vendors Do not ship to my area so i bought the Three pack from this one door To have several in different camp or Hike equipment bags i like the length so When one End wears out they can be turned around Rather than having the plastic grip they Will last a long time but it’s fun to Practice trying different tinder The most important aspect of bush Survival is fire and the ability to Start one in all conditions these rods Are a quality unit and key to comfort in

The bush And Been Been getting tighter gear tightened gear For a couple of years now the inventory Isn’t large but has difference but has Different specific applications i go to Titan for specific items the ferro rods Are great priced well and shipped Immediately as well as all the gear or Tooling i have purchased thank you Titans so Again another Um great reviews for titan survival So this is their ferro rod Premium large ferro rods for 31 dollars And 98 cents So yeah so i’ll see you on to the next Video and thank you so much for watching