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GoodBed’s ‘plain English’ explanation of PranaSleep’s available mattresses for 2017…

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PranaSleep offers the largest and broadest array of latex mattresses on the market today. For 2017, PranaSleep has divided its mattresses into 5 collections:
— Karma: Latex or Everlast foam over pocketed coil core, starting at $1,599 for a queen set
— Lotus: Latex over Everlast foam core, starting at $1,599 for a queen set
— Generation 5: Latex with generous quilting over latex core, starting at $4,299 for a queen set
— Organics: 100% natural latex with organic wool over 100% natural latex core, starting at $3,399 for a queen set
— Om: 100% natural latex with generous quilting over 100% natural latex core, starting at $5,200 for a queen set

The mattresses in the Karma, Lotus and Generation 5 collections use a natural blend Talalay latex (55% natural) while the Organics and Om collections use 100% natural Talalay latex. Many PranaSleep dealers will not have all 5 of these collections on display in their store, but this video walks you through the full range so you will know the differences between each option.

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0:04 Introduction
0:50 General Overview + Features
2:02 Karma Collection
4:38 Lotus Collection
6:29 Generation 5 Collection
8:54 Organics Collection
10:45 Om Collection
12:05 EuroSlat Foundation
14:40 Final Thoughts

Note: This video is not a review. It is simply intended to provide an independent overview of PranaSleep’s available mattresses. To find GoodBed’s formal mattress reviews, which contain an in-depth evaluation of all mattress characteristics and criteria, click here: H

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