Pictory Review | How To Make Faceless YouTube Videos in Minutes Using Pictory

Pictory.AI Review | Create Faceless YouTube Videos In Minutes Using Pictory.ai

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In today’s digital age, YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for content creators to showcase their skills and creativity. But what if you could create engaging YouTube videos without showing your face? That’s where Pictory.ai comes in. Pictory.ai is an innovative content creation software that enables you to create faceless YouTube videos in minutes. In this video, we’ll be providing you with a comprehensive review of Pictory.AI, including its features, benefits, and how it can help you take your YouTube channel to the next level.

Welcome to our Pictory.AI review. In this video, we’ll be discussing how Pictory.AI can revolutionize your YouTube content creation. We’ll be looking at its features, its benefits, and how it can help you create engaging faceless YouTube videos in minutes.

Pictory.AI is an AI-powered content creation software that enables you to create engaging and faceless YouTube videos in minutes. The software uses advanced AI algorithms to generate high-quality videos using images, animations, and text. With Pictory.AI, you don’t have to worry about showing your face on camera or spending hours on video editing.

One of the most significant advantages of Pictory.AI is its ease of use. The software has an intuitive user interface that allows even beginners to create professional-looking videos with ease. You can choose from a range of pre-built templates or create your own video from scratch.

Pictory.AI also offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to tailor your video to your specific needs. You can add your own images, animations, and text, or use the software’s built-in library of assets. The software also offers a range of customization options for text, fonts, and colors, allowing you to create a unique and engaging video that reflects your brand.

Another significant advantage of Pictory.AI is its affordability. The software offers a range of pricing plans, making it accessible to content creators of all sizes. Whether you’re a beginner or an established YouTuber, Pictory.AI has a plan that will suit your needs and budget.

In conclusion, Pictory.AI is an innovative content creation software that can help you take your YouTube channel to the next level. Its advanced AI algorithms, ease of use, customization options, and affordability make it an excellent tool for content creators of all sizes. If you’re looking to create engaging faceless YouTube videos in minutes, we highly recommend Pictory.AI.

Get Your Free Trial Here:
Use Promo Code DIYA20 to get 20% off for as long as you keep using Pictory.

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This is a Pick 3 review and how to make Faceless YouTube videos in seconds using Victory hey what’s up everybody it’s Adam with DIY agency and today we’re Going to dive deep into Victory uh and Give you a quick tutorial and review but More importantly what we’re going to Show is a use case of how to create Faceless YouTube videos or create a Channel using chat GPT and pick 3 uh and And some of the Simplicity of it and how I can do this literally in minutes with Almost no effort at all and I’m going to Give you a discount if you’re interested In using Pick 3 using a special promo Code that’ll get you 20 off that’ll be Down in the description but we’ll cover That later so first off what is Pick 3 And how do you use it and why do you use It and all those things so Um really simply it’s a video creation Tool that allows you to take Um content uh whether it be a script Um uh you know a video itself a blog Post whatever you’re looking for and Turn it into a video Um you know it gives you some Information about who uses video or Victory um and it may be called pictori Depending on who’s actually saying it uh But they are really really good at Making this simple and easy and that’s What I like so let’s talk about the Features real quick so the thing we’re

Going to Showcase here is the script to Video creation and it literally is only Minutes to create now it’s not a Hands-off platform it does require a Little bit of work but let’s talk about Uh that in a moment so script of video Is an option blog to video is an option You can edit your videos using your text And quickly and edit easy drag and drop Functionality it does offer the ability To kind of just using the AI share Create shareable video chunks from your Video which um I have not tried out Admittedly but um they they do talk About this a lot and it does give you The opportunity to automatically caption Your videos very very quickly and easily Which is a nice tool that I will use Here Um it can summarize long videos which I Uh do a lot of Um and uh you know it’s used by a lot of Different people and there are a lot of Different uh again values to valuable uh Options to this most importantly there’s A free trial there’s no credit card Required to get started and as mentioned If you are interested I do recommend Using my link below and I’ll give you a Promo code to get 20 off for as long as You use this so if you use this for a Hundred years you’ll get 20 off the Entire time but most importantly I do Want you to try and get the free trial

So let’s dig into how it works and get Into the back end so when you do log in And uh get your free trial going it will Be limited uh but this is what it’s Going to look like you’ll have a script Of video an article to video edit videos Using text and visuals to videos so I Did want to get into that and there’s Also an opportunity to become a an Affiliate which I am and I do recommend And again I’m going to show you that in In detail in a moment but let’s just Talk about pricing because we’re here uh If you are interested in uh in getting This again the pricing uh there is a a An annual plan or a monthly plan Admittedly I’m on the standard plan I Did buy it for a year so it is a you Know a one-year plan that gets you uh Again a discount when you do it uh Annually versus monthly so if you’re Going with simple monthly it’s 23 Dollars per user per month uh the Premium plan is forty seven dollars per User and the annual obviously takes that Down to a little bit of a discount I don’t think most of you will ever need To use an Enterprise plan but let’s talk Quickly about the differences Um and again I’m just on the starter Plan uh or standard plan to get started You can upgrade at any time without it Being uh being an issue so that’s why You know reason number one why I started

On the standard plan it gives me 30 Videos per month which is a lot of Videos let’s be honest um depending on How many uh you know videos you’re Looking to create that should suffice However the difference that that’s going To be important for you in Distinguishing whether you want the Standard or the Premium plan is going to Be the 10 hours of video transcription Per month or 10 or 20 hours of videos Per month Um again that’s an important Functionality for me on the text of Video projects also being 10 hours per Month versus 20 uh I’m sorry 10 minutes In length versus 20 minutes in length so Think about it this way If you create a very long script we’re Going to talk about faceless YouTube Videos here in a minute and you create a 12 minute video script the functionality Is an incredibly important to be there For the Premium plan now basically what That means if you have 30 videos at 10 Minutes a pop that’s giving you 300 Minutes and from what I can understand It gives you 300 minutes so if you Wanted to do let’s just say 15 20 minute Videos that would still qualify under The 20 min or the standard plan but if You are going to be doing a lot of Videos and a lot of length of videos uh The premium video plan is probably your

Best option however Try It Out Try It Out for free and Figure out what works best for you there Are some brandable templates Um really cool music tracks are Automatically uh inlaid into it um Text-to-speech voices which I’m going to Showcase I don’t know that they’re the Best voices that I would use I recommend The script and that’s again a link below As far as creating voiceovers however Let’s dig in a little bit deeper into uh Into why I think the um the premium Might be worthwhile for you if you are Using a standard plan you can create a Text to speech AI automatically using One of the 25 voices that are available However with the Premium plan You can import or use your own Voiceovers Um with the Premium plan you cannot do That with the standard plan so again Something to consider I would try it out Figure out what you know what you like What you see the functionality being Um for me I think the standard plan is Going to be fine I think the the Text-to-speech voices are good enough However that doesn’t mean I’m not going To upgrade later um you know one for the 20 minute cap length that’s one Important functionality uh and the Second being the ability to use more Voices and or again create my own

Voiceovers uh and automatically um Synchronizing those voiceovers that I Import into the text so that probably Doesn’t make a lot of sense so let’s Talk about exactly um how we get into The back end here and uh you know so for For the purposes of this I’m not going To go deep into chat gbt I do recommend Chat gbt if you want to create an Article using chat gbt there’s a lot of Prompts to do it I’m not going to again Go deep into that I would recommend Creating a 1200 word article in chat GPT And then from there all you’re going to Do is go into script to video and uh It’ll it’ll give you a blank screen like This and really you’re just going to Paste for clipboard so what we’re going To do is just simply copy the the text From chat GPT and we’re going to proceed And just type it in here now this gives You a couple different options from here So what I want to talk about is scene Settings creating new scenes you can do It via sentence breaks or line breaks so Again periods or you’re hitting enter or Both and so what’s important to note is Every time there’s a period it’s going To create a new one a new scene or a new Video or you can do it again based on Line breaks when you just hit enter or Both so for the purposes of this I’m Going to do it with um with just the With just line breaks and from there all

You’re going to do is hit proceed and so After a little while it’s going to Create a uh a number of scenes like this And Um I’ve actually gone in a little bit And changed things but only for uh for The purposes of showing you quickly how To do things so what you’ll see is all The scenes are going to be laid out on The left hand side and that’s just your Overall story you can change visuals at Any point based on uh whatever you know You want to talk about obviously we’re Talking about dogs here but if we want To talk about chimneys uh it would Literally just give you a number of Images and Times of Chimneys in the Background or video elements again we Can utilize being you know stickers gifs Emojis you can put anything you’re You’re really looking into uh to using Um also with the uh the video or I’m Sorry the visuals there’s textures where You can just put in any colored Backgrounds or Texture features you can Use your own uploads things that you’ve Used recently Um you know starred or favorite items That you like so there’s a whole library Of things that you can look at Via again Images videos or Um you know different categories so if We just know that we’re looking for Generic

Um stuff in uh in sports and uh and Wanted to see stuff like that again it Would give you more sport related Um you know images and videos and the Like so obviously from there we also can Talk about what uh what audio we want to Have in the background Um and again really what we would do is Just if we chose to use this we would Just apply it to the video Um specifically uh with text you can add Heading subtitle title or subheadings Body text and again overall uh we can Have a different type of template style That you want to choose from so this Allows you to create whatever kind of Branding that you want to have Um and uh In fairness what I did Skip Was a an option where when you go from Adding your text again into that that One screen and hitting proceed it will Ask you for a theme so you can choose Kind of what kind of layout you want to Have for your your subtitles it’ll give You a lot to choose from and honestly I Didn’t want to waste your time because There are a lot of them and I just Selected one so going back to our story What we’ll see is again the scenes are You easily placed in there they are drag And drop so if we said hey you know we Want to change a position there Something that’s really cool is uh as we Go through I’m going to just drop down a

Scene like seven and I already did this If I want to utilize the same Um Same visual for multi for back to back Um so I don’t want to change the visual From C9 to scene 10 like it’s currently C9 and again scene 10 is not perfect in Any way shape or form it doesn’t fit the Uh the the features of the of the actual Text that I have so if I want to use C9 To go into scene 10 what I’m literally Going to do is just hit link scene And as you can see down here now it’s Connected on scene 9 and 10. if I wanted To change any text or anything like that I would just go in and uh and change That very simply however I wanted to Change it I can apply it to all and uh And do the like so as we talk Specifically about an individual scene There is the opportunity to delete that Scene to preview that scene to trim the Video and again the scene duration is up There um you can change the the time That you want you can add or record a Voiceover or we can just simply look at All the settings of this one scene and Say we can Loop the video we can hide The text on that particular one or apply These to all again voiceovers background Music we can apply if we find that we Have a certain background music that we Love and apply it to all we can do that So it’s really simply to lay this all

Out now this is where the work comes in What you do need to do is go through and Kind of see whether or not you want to Have and this when you have a pros and Cons type of um uh text like we did here Again understanding that each time I hit The enter button it’s going to create a New scene so when I enter that into the Initial uh screen on Victory what I may Want to do is kind of trim that Initially I’m just you know I’m doing This quickly for you guys to see but Again the link feature would allow me to Have the same scene over and over and Again again but what will you will find Is that sometimes you know you see cons And it creates the best it can do and You know and it doesn’t make sense in Any way shape or form so literally what I would do is just click on that and I Go to visuals and I would search for a New video if I wanted to uh to use as a Background so really simply Um easy to implement and if I really Wanted to change this out all I do is Again just click on that and uh that is Going to then jump in there and be the New scene for that so let me just show You how that that works again So scene 21 which is down here occur Actually lets you scene 23 Um again using Pros I don’t love this as A scene that’s relevant to dog training In any way shape or form so see hey guys

I want to quickly interrupt this video And say thank you for watching and as a Way of adding more thanks Um if you do sign up uh with the link Below any of the links below uh that are In the description uh what I want to do Is give you a complimentary vacation Incentive Um basically what we do is we offer and It’s not 100 free but as you can see There’s tons of different countries Around the world uh we’ll use Mexico as An example where you can have a six day Five night stay for example in Cancun or Mazatlan Um you know and basically those six days For 150 dollars basically all you’re Doing is paying the taxes and fees and What that means is like the Wi-Fi fees And everything you do have to pay for Your travel but uh the hotel room itself Is covered minus taxes and fee and again This is you know there’s places all over The country uh in the United States They’re uh they’re all over the world Quite frankly you know if you want to go To Italy if you want to go to Spain uh You know the UK uh just about anywhere Um that you’d want to be Australia you Know there’s Sydney for again 44 a night In taxes and fees Um these are you know really nice hotels That you’re going to be staying in and Uh just wanted to you know share that

With you so if you do sign up just reach Out to me let me know that you signed up Using my link and I will make sure that You get uh you know one of these to Utilize so uh back to the video in 23 We’re just going to click on visuals and We’ll just look look and we’ll type in Dog training And find something that I think might be Relevant and you know again it’s it’s up To you what you search for but you can Do a lot of different things and if I Like this one I would literally just Click on it And it’s there so something to also Consider if you’re using the free trial Uh you’ll see this uh this story blocks In in the background Um that will be there if you’re Utilizing for the free trial the second You pay Um that Watermark will disappear and uh It is is set up and done so again if I Want to just preview Foreign You probably may or may not have been Able to hear that but it’ll give you Some um some background uh there uh Music wise and again um as far as audio We do have music in the background the Whole way so something that I think is Important that again is voice over so if I want to use it let’s go back to screen Scene

Uh one for example if I want to have a a Voiceover and you may or may not be able To hear this and forgive me if you can’t The voiceover options are pretty good They give you English UK or you know American English UK English Australian Indian New Zealand accents they give you A number of different choices male Female you can change the sport the Speed of the voice Um and uh again I’m pretty happy with uh With the ability to kind of change Background musics again voiceovers Whatever so literally you just press Play Been shown that video increases Conversion rate by 80 percent Welcome to Victory It has been shown that video increases Conversion rate by 80 percent so welcome To Victory it has been Shot fantastic they are very Computerized still um that’s why you Know I would use Um that video increase I would recommend Using descript uh again link below Um for uh for descript I think that’s One of the best uh if not the best uh Tools on the market for voice overs Um to either have your own voice based On a script which is a really cool Functionality or to just you know use Any script and not create uh you know One of their top voices so right now uh

Ava’s applied but literally if I wanted To change it per slide I would just you Know again uh hit apply and uh we can Then you know change that voice over so You know again voice over if I want the Same voice on all of them I’m literally Just going to click that button and it Automatically applies to everything And once you’ve gone through and you’re Very comfortable with what it looks like And you’re happy with all the slides What we’re literally going to do is just Go ahead and hit generate and it shows Me currently that it’s at six minutes And 21 seconds I hit generate and it Will take a little bit of time to create The scenes and create the video so I’ll Come back when that’s complete all right So once it’s done it’s going to give you The option to export text so if you’re Looking for the subtitles to upload into Uh into YouTube you can do that or just Export a simple text file but simply What we’re going to do is just download And it will automatically save under Your projects and so generally this Takes about I don’t know Um anywhere from five to ten minutes When creating the video so that will Take a little bit longer than you want Ideally but uh you know this is Something that again I I just paused it And uh and went on to do some other Stuff came back

Um so it’s not something that you have To be hand holding the the software for Or it just literally runs in the Background and if you’ve got some other Programs going in the background it Might slow things down but overall it’s A it’s pretty fast and easy and then You’re you’re good to go for uh you know Again you know having this generated in Literally just minutes and I’ll slide This over here so we can see it and you Know literally again it’s going to Create the the subtitles into the video You can remove those if you choose to in The uh the creation process so let’s Just show you what that would look like Um we’ll close that so if I wanted to Get rid of uh again the um The subtitles for a particular thing Um literally it’s just going to be you Know High text and again that’ll go away And you can again apply that to all if You want if you want to remove those it Still creates the text in the background So you can have the SRT file to upload If you’d rather have YouTube kind of Overlay them um but for me it’s a It’s a no-brainer to do that and you can Again edit these to fit however you want Um quite frankly to me it’s more Important that you have them showing and Visibly because the videos are stock Footage let’s be honest um but it makes It really nice so you know it’ll have

The Audio I don’t know if you can really Hear it um Fortunately there are many dog training Tools available to help you and your dog Succeed so again it’s really simple and Easy it creates a video in in seconds or Minutes of your time actually doing it What you have to do is create a script Uh you can write your own script or you Can use it on chat gbt or you can um you Know do it do whatever you want once you Upload it it automatically applies stock Video footage from storyblocks uh you Can again change the video out as as you Know to whatever you want and uh and Then create you know whatever voiceovers You want or or what have you then just Generate so it can actually be done in Minutes and that’s pretty awesome so Going back to the basics here again That’s script to video you can create uh You know using an article so if you want To pull um a URL and just literally pull The content from there you can do that If you want to upload a video Um or create a video using text just Input the video from uh from wherever You want Um a lot of cool and easy options to to Create your faceless YouTube video and Now let’s talk about the uh the Affiliate program so Affiliates uh if You’re interested in becoming affiliate It’s really awesome so first of all they

Give you a 20 discount coupon for any Affiliates or any people that want to Sign up using your affiliate link again Link below Um you’ll get uh if you use the DIY a20 Uh promo code you’ll get 20 off on the Lifetime Um it does create a a simple uh Affiliate code for you Um to utilize and uh you know you just Simply create your affiliate link now Here’s the benefits for anybody that get Gets signed up you uh you receive a 20 Recurring commission so again really What they’re doing is for anybody that’s Signing up they’re they’re willing to Give away kind of you know the farm and Take away 40 or Or more specifically 50 so if you become An affiliate under my link Um and you sign up using uh you know my My link and become an affiliate Um I will get 10 Commission on any uh Earnings that you you generate which is A really nice thing um so the the reason I I talk about this as an affiliate is Um a lot of affiliate programs will sign You up and you’ll generate a commission However if somebody signs up to be um You know to run their own affiliate Program Um or become an affiliate of that Program a lot of times you have to use a Separate sign up link to do that

Um here it just automatically generates A um puts you in that affiliate uh promo And so I I’m real happy with the the Ability to generate not only the 20 but 10 on top Um of any Affiliates that I bring to Their uh to their program so a really Nice affiliate program uh again I Recommend it uh both as far as an Affiliate and as far as using as a tool I’m obviously a customer and I’m using That program to or their their software Create my own YouTube channel where I Run a lot of videos exactly doing this The exact same thing creating a ton of Content that gets views based on the you Know the keywords and the uh the text And and the video content that I’m Providing but also I recommend the Affiliate program to again get 20 of Anybody that signs up but more Importantly if you are uh recruiting Other Affiliates you can get 10 of their Earnings so super solid affiliate Program now here’s the kicker uh Beyond Just signing up when you sign up as an Affiliate and or as a as a customer what You’ll find is there’s a lot of content That can get sent to you to create your Own YouTube channel so I’m gonna pull in A uh an example of that right here so When you sign up you will uh you will Get a link that they send to you um on How to grow your own channel and videos

Of content uh that are you know worth Checking out from pictory Um their channel is uh is really good Good at creating and showcasing how to You know basically monetize your own YouTube channel Um so I’m a big fan of the uh the Content that again they go beyond trying To make sure that you are not only Utilizing the tool yourself but also Monetizing um you know from there Because it’s great to have a tool but It’s better to have something that’s Making you money so um it’s really a Nice to have a uh have a company that’s Out there to try and really make sure You’re making money and then again if You want to become an affiliate they are Actively engaging with you as well to Try and find the best ways to make you Uh even more money as an affiliate so Hopefully you found some value if you do Have any questions or comments about Pick 3 please leave a comment below um I Respond to all comments if you’ve ever Dropped a comment below you’ll know that I also really want to try and make sure That we’re providing the best experience We can for the viewers of this channel So if you have any ways that you think I Can do a better job or any suggestions Or criticisms I’m open to hearing them So again just leave a comment below or If if you do like it you know again hit

That that like button Um and uh if you really are enjoying my Content uh smash that subscribe button And uh you know we’ll look forward to Seeing you all in the next video thanks For your time [Music] Foreign