Percale vs Sateen Sheets – What’s the Difference?

Today we’re going to learn all about the differences between percale and sateen sheets. Now, if you’ve done any sheet shopping at all, you’ve probably encountered these terms a lot, so I’m here to show you what percale and sateen are all about, and hopefully point you in the direction of the one that’s best for you.

0:38 What is the difference between percale and sateen?
2:20 Is sateen softer than percale?
3:15 Is percale cooler than sateen?
4:04 Do hotels use percale or sateen?
4:56 Is percale better than Egyptian cotton?
5:45 Does percale get softer?
6:16 Does percale wrinkle?
6:44 Do sateen sheets lose their shine?
7:44 How long to sateen sheets last?
8:25 How often should you wash your sheets?

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