PARACORD FASTENERS, HOOK & LOOP Review | Titan Survival Product Review Paracord Accessory Category

PARACORD FASTENERS, HOOK & LOOP Review | Titan Survival Product Review Paracord Accessory Category

These paracord fasteners are designed to quickly and easily allow you to secure your 25’, 50’, and 100’ hanks of paracord so that you can get on with your adventure.

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Hi guys and welcome back to another Video on our uh paracord accessories Category And we are on to our next um item our Second item to be exact which is the Power cord fasteners hook and loop Five pack so let me just go ahead and Let me show you that one so this is what It looks like There you go And Um This is 16.98 All right So this is actually the use of the hook And loop Fasteners Is to actually help you organ be Organized in Um keeping your power cords intact and Yeah So that’s what is the use that’s the use Of Um it well not just It’s just one of the uh purposes of this Um fastener or hook and loop All right so the power cord fasteners Um the perfect fastener for securing Your survivor cord or 550 power cord Parachute cord or even bundling wires And cables In the office so it it is quick and easy Um these paracord fasteners are designed To quickly and easily allow you to

Secure your 2550 and 100 hangs of Paracord so that you can get on with Your adventure And it’s also versatile um our parkour Fasteners are also perfect for securing Your computer Appliance and electronics wires and Cables Also uh the quality construction um this Is made from strong high quality Hook-and-loop material And these paracord straps measures 8.5 Inches long and 0.75 inches wide which Is 220 millimeters by 20 Millimeters excuse me All right and so for the product Specifications The size um Each size is 8.5 to 7.75 inches again which is 220 Millimeters by 20 millimeters and the Weight for each is point 14 ounces which Is 4 grams And so for the titan promise again they Are an american combat veteran owned Business and all authentic titan Survival products Not only have a lifetime guarantee but a Portion of all profits have gone to the Wounded warrior project since 2013 and If you’re unhappy with our with their Products in any way they will completely Refund your purchase so just give them a Try and complete your satisfaction at

Complete satisfaction is guaranteed All right so for the customer reviews um Based on 30 reviews 97 says that it is a Five star review and i’ll give you or Read some of those reviews for you So for the power core fasteners guys Again a great job probably probably the Best and easily the best way to secure My gear Um and i’m a person that lives and works On the kiss system or kiss system you Know Keep it simple uh well definitely Simple Guaranteed way to store it secure and Have gear readily available when and Where i need it looking forward to a new And cooler gear adventures keep up the Great work thumbs up very good Next up not just a power cord anymore we Have found lots of uses for these traps And also having a few extras around for Just in case And another five-star review says that This is a quality product that is very Useful for bushcraft and survival and i Have been using this parkour to practice My bushcraft survival skills be prepared Which is correct And Another one here seems to be a solid Product having me haven’t had a need yet But a good addition to the gearbox uh Bulkhort bell court straps are great for

Bundling cords traps etc i will will Order more in the future And as described simple strap with Velcro through a nylon loop useful for Any kinds of For any kind of tidying Or fastening odds and ends to a pack So it says here love the fasteners start Getting longer ones product now All right so Yeah uh that is a great review for the Power cord fasteners Again this is 16.98 Which is already a five pack So Yeah again Um Yeah so that will be our second item for The power cord accessories and thank you So much for watching and i’ll see you on To the next one