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Own this home for under $500/mo – Danville Kentucky House for sale

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Own this home for under $500/mo – Danville Kentucky House for sale

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Own this house for under $500/mo – Danville Kentucky House for sale

Here we are today in one of my favorite towns. I said that last time we shot a house over on Regency, sold in like 10 days so maybe it’s good luck, maybe people agree with me that this is just one of the greatest small towns going. Danville, Kentucky, it’s a college town, and what a location. People send me a lot of mail, email and say, “Hey, one of these days you’re going to send me a Danville Kentucky House for sale that I can afford.” This is a house you can afford. Payments on this house are going to be like 450 to 500 dollars a month. You can’t rent it for that, I guarantee you that. You can rent this house 750, 800 dollars a month. You go one, two, three houses down and that’s the main drag, that is a busy road, 25,000 daily traffic count. What does that mean? Well it means there’s a lot of stuff on there so you just buzz on up there to Walmart and all the Lowe’s and all the shopping and restaurants and everything. Buzz down this way, more restaurants, downtown, the courthouse, regional medical center, all the stuff. Great spot, I’ll put the location here and do a lifestyle map so you can see exactly what you’ve got. This has got a very cool yard. The property line is somewhere around here, it goes to those bushes. You see there’s little stick there in that bush, see it right there? And back to that fence, and that little shed’s included so it’s got this here and you’ve got room for actually four cars, two there and two here. You can go in the back door, you can go in the front door. I’m going to show you everything. It has got all redone hardwood floors and you’re going to love that. Come on in to this Danville Kentucky House for sale.

[00:02:31] You got beautiful molding here and then you got some kind of speaker system thing. I don’t know whether they had like a Bose deal or something, you know, like a surrounding Saudi thing or whatever. And he got all that anyway, they did the floors right unprofessionally. They even did in the closet. So it did not cheap out was what it looks like inside. Nice. From here, we’ll look at the kitchen, which is Concat, but it’s nice, easy, clean. So you’re not needing a huge kitchen. This is gonna be right up your alley because it’s so easy to take care of.

[00:03:07] Good night. Nice, nice pantry there. Full of paint stuff and then check this out. OK. So here’s the deal. In some places, the country, they call it like a 1 and a quarter bath, 1 half bath, 1 with 3 quarterbacks. So that would be a tub shower. 12 and a sink. Right here we call it. It’s either a full bath or a half bath Well, this ain’t a half bath. So legally, I we call this but there it is, the Tahla so if you need it, you need the extra toilet there it is. You got this thing right here. You could put a sink in if you wanted to. And then run your washing machine into the sink and water. Right. Everybody always used to do that. They would. I just thought that was kind of funny but it’s nice to have that extra toilet. What the heck? So who knows? The guy who lives here might have been a plumber or something. I don’t know but you got this freakishly huge triple window here, which is really nice.

[00:08:43] As always, thanks for watching Don’t forget to subscribe. You’ll be alerted properties like this before the general public show there’s the pantry. You just drop you. Yeah. Drop your stuff in there and you just nail it down with a nail gun or screw it. Don’t do it. Thank you. So we got this. Yeah. Oh, boy. And a freakishly large thing. A German. I have no idea where you would get one like that. Maybe Sam’s Club, perhaps Costco or some other industrial military thing. So if you get the wicked munchies and you need Taco Bell, maybe you could walk.

[00:09:25] Of course, if you’ve got the munchies at 2 o’clock in the morning, who knows if you want to walk or not. Tino’s if you can walk, let’s go on out the back door here and see if we got Me try one more time. Family breaking that nail down with a nail gun or screw it. Think, think. Own this home for under $500/mo – Danville Kentucky House for sale:

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