Overland Truck Camping Setup for UNDER $200 Dollars!!! | Toyota Tacoma


My “Overland” truck camping setup! A brief down and dirty look at how I set my truck up for camping and everyday use.

Supplies used
2- 2×6 57 inches
2- 4×8 sheets of OSB cut down to 28.5 inches wide by 69.5 inches long

All left over wood was used to make the drawer if you are interested in the dimensions leave a comment and I will let you know.

Outdoor carpet:
Bed cover:

I love the outdoors and making a camping setup that is always ready to go was super important to me, but I set want to make it so my truck can be used everyday for the everyday things you need your truck to do. I think this set up does just that. It isn’t super fancy, but I managed to do this build for under $200 bucks the wood with the carpet was just under $100 bucks and the bed (Milliard 4 inch Full Tri-Fold Mattress) was around $100 dollars. It fits perfectly and offered a good nights sleep up off the ground. If you are into overlanding, camping, or just want to get outside more this is the perfect option.

Camper Shell is the LEER 100XR
Lift: Icon Stage 5
Tires: BFG Ko2 285 70r17
Wheels: Fuel Vector

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