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Since its founding in 2016, Purple has become one of the biggest names in the online bedding world. Not only does it boast an extensive accessory line of pillows, sheets, seat cushions and pet beds, but it also has two impressive mattresses on its docket, aptly named the Original and the New. These beds are really unlike anything else on the market and have long captivated potential buyers with their iconic purple hyper-elastic polymer smart comfort grid, which responds to the body in ways you have to see to believe.

Though I’ve tested out both of these models in the past, I thought I’d do something a little special today and take a look at them side-by-side. On this violet-hued journey, I’ll suss out their similarities and key differences in an effort to help you better understand which one of these beds could be the perfect fit for you!

I should note that while the New Purple comes in three different firmnesses (the firm Purple 2, medium firm Purple 3 and soft Purple 4), I’ll be comparing the Original to the Purple 3. And to make things a little easier on myself—and you!—I’ll mostly refer to these models as P2, P3 and P4 throughout the comparison.

These are very different mattresses, and the review mostly covers how they differ, but I wanted to give you some quick examples of how they are similar:

Smart Comfort Grid – Both the Original and New Purples employ the brand’s hyper-elastic polymer comfort grid in the top layer. This section features rows of purple squares, which collapse and conform to the unique curves of a sleeper’s body. While the thickness of this grid varies between the models (which I’ll explore more below), it provides some excellent comfort regardless.

Temperature Neutral – Purple claims that both of its beds are technically “temperature neutral” in that they’re able to acclimate to anyone’s body heat and create a cool sleeping experience. I should note that the New Purple amps up the cooling of the Original with its layer of pocketed coils, which encourages even more breathability through the structure.

Pressure Relief – Though achieved in distinct ways (via responsive foam in the Original and a supportive pocketed coil system in the New), both Purple beds were built with pressure relief in mind.

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