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OkiOki has a slogan that I like: “A Mattress For Everyone, Is A Mattress For No One.” What this company is doing is refreshing because they aren’t try to squeeze various sleep styles and needs into a SINGLE mattress. They’re happy to offer a variety. In their lineup they have the: OkiSoft, OkiEasy, OkiFlex, and OkiFirm mattress varieties. They even provide a Sleep Quiz on their site incase you’re not sure which mattress is best. The quiz takes into account your body type and sleep habits to determine which OkiOki mattress will fit you and your sleep the best. Both the OkiSoft and OkiFirm are foam mattresses while the OkiEasy and OkiFlex are hybrid mattresses.

From the 0 to 10 Firmness Scale:

OkiSoft: 5
OkiEasy: 6
OkiFlex: 7
OkiFirm: 8

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