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How to Interpret Dreams

The process of assigning a meaning to your dreams is known as dream interpretation. This is a study that has gone on for many centuries in many diverse cultures. The first known research done regarding dreams, and their meanings was by a neurologist named Sigmund Freud.

Get Enough Rest or You Could Die Early

Because we live in a fast paced society, People seem to believe that “I can sleep when I’m dead”. Unfortunately putting off sleep until later may be the trigger that brings you to an earlier death! The National Sleep Foundation says that sleep is a vital component to your health and well being.

Sleep Hygiene Handout

Sleep difficulty is a major problem for many these days. Though the reasons for insomnia could be attributed to a person’s anxieties, worries, medical conditions, lifestyle, etc., it is found that insomnia could be harnessed by making some simple adjustments (fine tuning) and agreeing to compromise with their lifestyle. Here’s a list of 10 tips to follow.

5 Sleep Myths Busted

There are so many myths about sleep and so many people who believe that the rules apply to everyone but them. The truth of the matter is that our bodies need so much sleep and they are designed to work with our environment. This includes the fact that it is light out during the day and dark at night. So here are five myths about sleep that everyone thinks do not apply to them and why you should not ignore them.

Home Snoring Remedies – Cheap and Effective!

Anti snoring remedies are available in a wide range in the market these days. Nonetheless, you could try almost all of them without any significant results because they simply do not target the core reason of your snoring. Before starting to try those solutions frantically, you must first go try the simplest ones that does not cost you a lot. First, your sleep position has an influence on the quality of sleep you get.

Anti-Snoring Devices: Remedies For The Midnight Snoring Anxiety

Do you know why you snore and how to stop it? Every snoring solution does not work for everyone, so it important to know your options.

Wake Up Naturally and Feel More Refreshed in the Mornings

No one likes getting up in the morning. Alright, there are the few odd balls that actually enjoy the wee morning hours and seem to like being up before dawn, but let’s face it, most of us like to sleep in or press the snooze button a few times. There are 3 simple ways to make getting up in the mornings much easier for you.

Ever Wonder What Is Sleep Apnea?

If you suffer from loud snoring, disrupted breathing, or sore throats while you’re sleeping you might have sleep apnea syndrome. What is sleep apnea, you ask? Learn more about this particular sleep disorder and find out whether or not you have it.

Night Sweats And Their Common Causes

Do you wake up in a pool of sweat some nights? Excessive sweating at night can be irritating and disruptive to good sleeping habits. Find out what causes night sweats and what you can do about them.

Sleep Apnea: Your Sleepiness May Be More Serious Than You Think

Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders diagnosed today. If you snore loudly, suffer from disruptive breathing during sleep, or have a problem with obesity you might have the disorder. Find out what causes sleep apnea and learn how it might be more serious for your health than you think.

Top 5 Reasons Why Sleep Is Important

Sleep is something that comes naturally to everyone that most people do not even think about it or its importance. For the most part, the question of why sleep is important is asked by those who are having a difficult time with their own sleep cycle or those who have sleep disorders. In order to understand this natural part of people’s daily life, it is necessary to know exactly why sleep is of utmost importance to the human body.

What Is Insomnia? A Look At The Different Types Of Insomnia As Well As How To Prevent It

Have you ever had a bad night’s sleep that resulted in near physical exhaustion the next day? If you’ve ever been in bed trying to sleep, tossing and turning for what seems like the entire night, it’s likely that you’ve experienced at least some level of insomnia. Insomniacs can either have trouble getting to sleep, or can wake up multiple times throughout the night, never really getting any solid rest.

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