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Nine Reasons to Sell Houses Using Jay’s Rent-To-Own Strategies

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Nine Reasons to Sell Houses Using Jay’s Rent-To-Own Strategies

Real Estate Investing – Nine Reasons to Sell Houses Using Jay’s Rent-To-Own Strategies

[109] Jay Conner shares his top 9 selling homes strategies without MLS. Podcast #108

1) Collect a large, non-refundable option fee on closing

2) Price on the home is set 5-10% above market appraisal

3) Positive cashflow

4) Tenant buyer pays for repairs

5) While in the home, you can write off the depreciation on the property

6) Take advantage of market appreciation over the following year

7) All interest payments are a tax write-off

8) If the tenant buyer can’t get a mortgage in time or move out, the option fee is retained and you can sell the house again.

9) No inspections

Jay has closed out 27 deals in the past 12 months.

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Jay Conner has been investing in Real Estate for over 15 years. He typically makes 2 deals a month. He has bought and sold over 400 homes.

He had an 800 credit score and the bank closed his LOC. He needed to find a new source of funding. In the past eight years, Jay has never missed a deal because of funding.

He has developed a strong network of Private Money suppliers.

Chaffee-Thanh Nguyen started investing in Real Estate a decade ago. He dramatically changes and impacts the lives of thousands of people around the world as an Executive Success and Event coach with the likes of Powerteam International and Marshall Sylver’s Mind Power Inc. Chaffee also teaches at his own events.

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“Jay’s private lending scripts alone are worth the price of his entire system, and are the best I’ve ever heard … including mine!” – Ron LeGrand, Famous Real Estate Guru, Jacksonville, FL

“You will not believe this, but it is absolutely the truth … 3 days after attending Jay’s seminar Where to get the Money Now, I was doing a call on one of my customers. He was telling me about how he had just sold his home and I ask him if he had ever considered real-estate investing. After hearing the information that I shared out of Jay’s seminar, he is now in contact with my attorney to discuss his investment!“
– Donald A. Hovey, Norfolk, MA

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DISCLAIMER: Jay Conner is not a financial advisor, real estate broker, licensed mortgage broker, certified financial planner, licensed attorney nor a certified public accountant, therefore consult with a professional prior to making any real estate investing.

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Nine Reasons to Sell Houses Using Jay’s Rent-To-Own Strategies

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