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#NEWMESSAGE 7 Requirements For An Instant Miracle~Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

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#NEWMESSAGE 7 Requirements For An Instant Miracle~Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

7 Day Prayer Miracle

requirements for an instant miracle
1. Joy
Scripture Reference: Proverbs 17:22
It is very difficult for God to work in the life of someone who is downcast; He does not work where there is depression or despair. He works where there is joy. The devil knows this and that is why if he wants to defeat a person, he first takes away their joy.
The Bible says the Joy of our God is our strength. If you want to see the power of God in your life, be joyful. Refuse to be downcast, encourage yourself; create an atmosphere of joy no matter how hopeless your situation appears to be.
2. Resisting the devil
Scripture Reference: James 4:7
This is not an option. Resist your problem; reject and refuse it! Remember the story of the Shunammite woman who had a son at the word of the Prophet Elisha. When the child died, she refused to accept the situation; she resisted death. She never for a moment confessed death, even when asked by her husband her confession was “it is well”. She ran to the Prophet Elisha and he sent Gehazi along with her to bring the child back to life, but the child never came back to life. Still, she resisted and went again to the Prophet. Elisha prayed but the child remained dead; still, she resisted death, up until Elisha prayed for the seventh time and the child came back to life. The problem with most people is that they easily give in and accept their problem. Know this, the devil is a liar, he has been a liar from the beginning. Resist him.
3. Deal with the root cause
Scripture Reference: Mark 11:12-14
The life of a snake is not in its body but in its head. A snake will never die until you hit or crush its head. If you cut a tree, there is a possibility it will shoot again unless its roots be pulled out. The city of Jericho was cursed, its water was salty and the land unfruitful. When the Prophet Elisha appeared, he asked to be led to the source of the river – the very place Joshua stood 400 years prior and cursed Jericho. He understood that the secret and key to the healing of the water and the land was in dealing with the root cause of the problem. After Jesus cursed the fig tree in the book of Mark 11, it did not wither instantly. Why was this? He was dealing with its roots. It may appear as if your problem is still there, but know this, God is dealing with the roots – it’s only a matter of time. Allow God to deal with the root cause of your problem; allow Him to deal with your problem once and for all.

4. There must be a repetition
Scripture Reference: 1 Kings 18:41-46
Elijah prayed for rain seven times. Each time he prayed, he sent his servant to check for a sign of rain but there was none. It was only at the seventh time that a sign of rain was seen – a cloud the size of a clenched fist, and that was enough for him. He saw a miracle in the smallest sign. Open your eyes to the signs of God no matter how small they appear. They are signs of the big things about to manifest. God does not work in volumes he works in signs. Whether it’s just an email, a small project, a small improvement; it is a sign that things are shifting to your favour. Be grateful. Begin to acknowledge the smallest miracles, it may not be what you expected but it is a sign from God.
5. Songs of deliverance
Scripture Reference: Psalm 32:7
What songs do you listen to? Every song has a spirit behind it, that manifests something in your life. When you listen to songs of deliverance, you invoke the power of deliverance.
6. The spoken word
Scripture Reference: Luke 7:6
All you need is one word. What a prophet says is more powerful than what he does. A Prophet is the mouthpiece of God, he is sent to speak forth. When a prophet speaks forth, God must honour – he never allows the word of His Prophet to fall to the ground. I am called to say a word. What you need is not a touch or a prayer, you need a word.
7. Start little
Scripture Reference: Deuteronomy 7:21-22; Phillipians 1:6
You may not know it but things are happening. It may seem like nothing is happening yet, but God is doing it little by little. He who has begun a good work in you shall carry it on until completion. Trust that He is working something.

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