NEW SURVIVORCORD XT Review | Titan Survival Product Review Cordage Category

NEW SURVIVORCORD XT Review | Titan Survival Product Review Cordage Category

SurvivorCord XT is the latest incarnation of our patented SurvivorCord, taken to a whole new level. While SurvivorCord was originally designed for use in Afghanistan, XT was specifically designed for the Bushcraft and Outdoor Enthusiast communities. We took 7 years of Customer feedback and created what we think is the best paracord on the planet. From the increased tensile strength, to the reduced stretch, you won’t find a better paracord product anywhere.

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Hi guys and welcome back to another Video um this will be our second Um Item for our cordage um category so this One is the user by record xt So the survival cord xt is the latest Incarnation of our patented survivor Cord taken to a whole new level so while Survival cord was originally designed For Use in afghanistan Xt was specifically designed for the Bushcraft and outdoor enthusiast Communities So they took seven years of customer Feedback and created that what they Think is the best paracord on the planet So from the um increased tensile Strength to the reduced stretch you Won’t find a better paracord product Anywhere all right so so far record xt Is 750 paracord plus braided fishing Line Plus multi-purpose kevlar strand plus Waterproof fire tinder So the tensile strength is 1026 pounds Diameter is 5.5 Millimeters all right so let’s click on The options here Alright so they have the survivor cord Xt And let’s click on that one All right so it says here They have four different colors they

Have black Olive drab Forest camo and coyote brown there you Go so four colors available for survivor Xt paracord and the price is 42.98 Cents all right so again this is the Black The Coyote brown This is the olive drab and this is the Forest camo All right so for this one for the Survivor cord xt they have a type 4 Milspec 750 paracord This is what it looks like And they have a waterproof tinder And a 25 pound fishing line Here And a hundred and ten pound kevlar Thread There you go All right survival cord is the original Survival paracord developed for special Forces soldiers by titan in 2012 To be the ultimate edc survival utility Cord there you go so let’s click on that One again for easy fire starting number One proprietary wax through twine is Waterproof and can be used to start Fires fast Two simply extract jute from the Survival cord xt and then fray it into The birds into a bird’s nest just like So

And then number three finally shower the Wax shoot with sparks from your survivor Steel or a ferro rod Now for this one For the emergency food source again 25 Pounds of braided fishing line perfect For securing protein from oceans lakes And streams and 110 pound nano aramid Kevlar thread can be used as a small Game snare fabric repair thread or Suspending food over a campfire And both Fishing line and kevlar thread can be Used for another purposes Like finding tools cooking meat over a Fire or setting traps And This looks Good this is their power cord There you go Cute All right so let’s scroll down it says Here the culmination of 18 months of Back and forth collaboration between Special forces operators in afghanistan And titan survival uh their panel Survival cord xt power cord is the next Generation of survival parkour that Integrates three potential life-saving Survival strands into a popular military Style Type four 750 power cord the power cord Itself meets or exceeds male c 5 0 5 Sorry

Male c 5 0 4 0 strands for type 4 Parachute and strength and durability is Pre-shrunk 5.5 millimeters in diameter And contains 36 individual strands Braided into 12 seriously strong three Strand yarns and they have included a Single strand of their proprietary wax Root for starting fires A 25 pound braided fishing line And a super strong 110 pound nano aramid Kevlar thread that can be used for Snares repair clothing tarps and tarps Hanging fruit above above a camp Campfire and many other emergency needs So survival core xt is their third Generation survival power cord and is The ultimate power cord replacement So again patent the next gen paracord Um that was originally designed at the Request of a u.s special force in Afghanistan and Xt is the third generation of their Exclusive surveillance record parachute Court with a tensile strength of over 1 000 pounds um they’ve integrated three Life-saving survival strands And Also this is a 110 pound cavalry utility Line Um super strong 900 degrees fahrenheit Fire resistant kevlar strand into the Core of the survival cord xt that can be Used as a friction stall a way to bind Tools to get together or even to secure

Food over a Camp fire So in the end this nano aramid fiber Will not burn or break easily Wax tinder Their proprietary waterproof twisted Jute fiber strand is designed to quickly Start fires in an emergency and this is The best fire starting strand on the Market Even in a downpour or after soaking in Water for eight hours a couple sparks From your favorite scrubber steel and You’ll have an instant fire And braided fishing line includes a Single braid strand of a 25 pound High-strength fishing line that can be Used to catch your dinner or as thread For emergency sutures dental floss or Even as a snare for small game animals And this filament can also be melted and Used to patch holes or use to bind tools Together so for the product specs Overall Tensile strength 1026 pounds Size for retail is 3.5 by 3.5 by 8 Inches Length is 100 feet or 30 meters Uh total weight is one pound three Ounces or 539 grams the kevlar thread Strength is 110 pounds fishing line Strength 25 pounds wax juice diameter is 1.5 millimeters and the core diameter is 5.5 millimeters

Again so let’s see for the customer Reviews based on 100 um 104 reviews 98 Says it’s a 5 star so let’s go ahead and Read some of those It says here can’t go wrong with this Stuff best on the market for getting Home or bugging out I use the color thread To fix a brick on a tent pole and it Worked again Survivor good survival power cord a bit Stiffer than usual power cords but Strong and functional besides it is an Actual survival kit Itself And best cord out nothing beats it it’s A little bit heavier and not As pliable as stranded a standard power Cord but this isn’t standard issue i Won’t go anywhere without it’s survival Gear that may be needed at any given Time titan is awesome and ships quick And is responsive to any questions Simply put professional level Okay very good Reviews for titan survival Again this is their survival cord xt Power cord with four different types of Collars available for only 42 dollars And 98 cents so thank you so much for Watching and i’ll see you on to the next One