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New Layla Mattress Review

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New Layla Mattress Review

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If you’ve spent more than ten minutes mattress shopping, there’s one thing you already know… there are a lot of options. Some are firm and work to accommodate stomach sleepers or those who carry more weight. Others are plush and geared toward customers who need more contour or sleep on their sides. A large number are medium and designed to meet the needs of the average shopper.

If you just aren’t sure, the great news is that Layla has you in mind. Maybe you just haven’t laid on the right mattress and have lived your whole life sleeping in ignorance on the wrong sleep surface. Or perhaps you have recently gained or lost weight and just aren’t sure what you need. Layla offers not one but two firmness settings all in one mattress, and we’ll be taking a look at just what you can expect in our complete review.

How Firmness Options Work
How can you fit two firmness options into a single mattress? It all has to do with the layer lineup. In most foam products, you find plusher comfort layers near the top followed by firmer, thicker support layers. In the case of the Layla mattress, however, there is a plush memory foam layer on the top and bottom.

The thicker memory foam layer on top makes up the plush option while the thinner layer on top creates a much firmer feel. Not only is the thin layer closer to the support base, but it is also 66% thinner than the plush side. This gives both individuals and sleep partners the ability to learn more about what they like as well as switch things up at will.

Keeping You Sleeping Peacefully
One of my favorite aspects of the Layla mattress is its ability to keep you sleeping peacefully with its excellent motion isolation properties. Not only is this mattress made entirely of foam, but it contains memory foams that are more traditional and excellent at keeping energy from traveling across the mattress.

During the course of our full review, we’ll compare the new and improved Layla mattress with its predecessor that we tried out about six months ago and discuss the changes made. We’ll also cover:

Complete layer lineup
Edge support
Heat transfer
And much more!

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