Nest Natural Hybrid Latex Mattress (2021) Review by

GoodBed’s in-depth review of 2020-2021 Nest Bedding Natural Latex Hybrid mattress with blended latex over pocketed coils…

NOTE: You may see some YouTube mattress reviewers still covering the OLD version of this mattress, which had much darker side panels than the 2020 version, which also uses some different materials.

The Natural Hybrid Latex mattress is unusual in that the king size can be ordered in a split configuration, so each partner can choose the softness level they prefer. This option is available at no extra cost.

Also see our written report on the Nest Hybrid Latex bed, which includes our GoodBed ratings for support and features, along with the latest and best available discounts and our assessments of for whom this mattress is best suited:

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Time Chapter
0:00 Intro and GoodBed Review Methodology
1:09 Back Support
4:33 Pressure Relief
5:17 Softness
6:03 Cushioning Depth
7:42 Memory Feel
7:57 Bounce
8:57 Motion Isolation
9:59 Temperature
11:49 Edge Support
12:50 Ease of Repositioning
13:16 Natural Materials & Certifications
15:35 Adjustable Base Compatibility
17:19 Dual Comfort
18:12 Delivery, Returns & Warranty
20:08 Materials & Construction
23:43 Price & Value
26:22 Summary

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