Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid (2021) Review by

GoodBed’s in-depth review of 2020-2021 version of the Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress…

NOTE: You may see some YouTube mattress reviewers still covering the OLD version of this mattress (pre-2020). You’ll be able to tell because the newer version has a zip-off cover, while the old version does not.

Also see our written report on the Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid bed, which includes our GoodBed ratings for support and features, along with the latest and best available discounts and our assessments of for whom this mattress is best suited:

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Time Chapter
0:00 Intro and GoodBed Review Methodology
2:05 Back Support
3:22 Pressure Relief
4:04 Softness
5:01 Cushioning Depth
6:11 Memory Feel
6:47 Bounce
7:54 Motion Isolation
8:45 Temperature
10:59 Edge Support
11:56 Ease of Repositioning
12:20 Natural Materials & Certifications
13:45 Adjustable Base Compatibility
15:34 Delivery, Returns & Warranty
17:48 Materials & Construction
21:44 Price & Value
24:30 Summary

If you are looking for a review of the original Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid from 2017-2019, here’s the GoodBed video:

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