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NEFFEX – Rumors ? [Copyright Free]

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NEFFEX – Rumors ? [Copyright Free]


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she’s got some nice long hair
and you know that she’s a bad chick
all the boys stare
can’t help it it’s a habit
clothes that she wears
short skirt and a jacket
I just wanna get her all alone
on a mattress

I just wanna have it
I just gotta have it
rumors all around say her body is fantastic
all natural not a piece of her is plastic
head to her toes yea they say that she’s elastic

yea the whispers all around say she has a reputation
don’t believe it till I see it so I want a demonstration
and I’ve always learned it better with a hands on education
so I need a private session if you get what I am saying
and they say that she’s not easy no she’s really complicated
but that only makes it better and it’s got me so fixated
and I’m not the type to wait around I’ve never hesitated
but shes got me captivated so the game I’m gunna play it yea


she’s got a body like a coke fiend
she likes to keep the party going
these rumors got me feeling lonely
I want that body baby show me

I heard you look good in a sundress
I heard you look good when you’re undressed
I heard you like to get away
I heard you like to stay out late
I heard you had a couple boyfriends
I heard they didn’t treat you right
I heard you’re hated by your girlfriends
cuz all the guys want you tonight

they say she’s too hot they say she’s too cold
where she came from nobody really knows
they say she looks young but say she acts old
from everything I’ve heard she gets out of control

and all the boys say she was sent from the heavens
but I’m not too sure that this girl is a blessing
she’s got the devils eyes and they’ll cut you like a weapon
she’s stuck in my mind like a bad obsession. got bad intentions

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