Nectar vs Casper | #1 Mattress Review Guide (UPDATED 2022)

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Nectar vs Casper | #1 Mattress Review Guide (UPDATED 2022). In this video, Wes who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach covers his updated review of Nectar vs Casper. Now both of these bed in a box brands offer multiple different mattresses, but in this video Wes focuses on the flagship beds from both companies – the Nectar mattress and the Casper Original. Nectar also offers the Nectar Premier, Nectar Premier Copper, and hybrid options of each mattress. Casper offers the Element Pro, Nova, and Wave. Nectar is known as a budget memory foam mattress. The Casper Original, on the other hand, is a bit more expensive and has more of a standard foam feel. Nectar is also a little firmer than the Casper Original so it skews a little more towards back and stomach sleepers. Casper, since it’s softer and offers a little more pressure relief, is most likely going to be better for side sleepers. If you’re a heavy person, Wes recommends opting for the Casper Hybrid or the other Nectar Hybrid mattresses since it utilizes coils for extra support. Thanks for watching this Nectar mattress vs Casper Original comparison. Hopefully, it helps you decide whether to go with Casper or Nectar for your next bed.

Casper Mattress Review:

Nectar Mattress Review:

Nectar vs Casper Mattress Comparison:

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0:00 – Introduction
0:54 – Policies
2:20 – Construction
3:38 – Feel & Firmness
5:28 – X-Factors
6:47 – Pricing & Discounts
7:33 – Final Verdict: Casper vs Nectar
7:56 – Conclusion

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