Nectar Premier Mattress Review (2021) by GoodBed

GoodBed’s in-depth review of the Nectar Premier mattress (formerly called the Lush)…

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Time Chapter
0:00 Introduction & GoodBed Review Methodology
1:34 Back Support and Pressure Relief
3:41 Softness
4:38 Cushioning Depth
5:13 Memory Feel
6:13 Bounce
6:37 Motion Isolation
7:27 Temperature
8:53 Edge Support
9:50 Ease of Repositioning
10:22 Natural Materials & Certifications
11:30 Adjustable Base Compatibility
13:13 Warranty + Return Policy + Delivery
16:15 Materials and Construction
21:12 Price & Value
23:46 Summary

Pain, The Great Sleep Thief

We all deal with pain at some point in our life. However, when we are dealing with chronic pain the issue becomes compounded because it will interfere with our sleep. This can cause the issue to become compounded and for the pain to increase.

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When It’s Not Just Neuropathy That Keeps You Awake – Or, What Is Restless Leg Syndrome?

Very commonly, peripheral neuropathy is associated with profound sleep disturbance. In fact, sometimes this is what alerts the patient and the physicians that something is seriously wrong. Perhaps, you may have heard of RLS, or Restless Leg Syndrome. RLS is a condition that is very common, and just like peripheral neuropathy, is often associated with other disorders.

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A regular misconception is that drinking two or three beers will help you get to sleep. Although alcohol can help you go to sleep, it does not assist you to stay asleep. Drinking booze can prevent you from attaining deep sleep as well as cause you to keep waking up right through the night. What’s more, without getting enough good deep sleep, consuming alcohol can cause you to feel lethargic, tired and harm your concentration the following day.

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Did you know that your sleeping position can also affect how well you sleep every night? The way you sleep is a huge factor in the quality of sleep you enjoy. For this reason, picking the wrong bed can mean discomfort and sleeplessness; thus, you need to find the right bed when purchasing a new one.

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Find out the five key questions you should ask before buying a bed. Sleep plays an integral role in your overall health, as your body regenerates during your nightly sleep. Therefore, buying a bed is an important decision because you spend around a third of your life in bed, making your mattress probably the most used item you own.

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