Nectar Mattress Review | Best Memory Foam Bed 2019

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The Nectar Mattress continues to stand the test of time. I rate this mattress a 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, meaning it has a medium firmness. It’s great for stomach sleepers, back sleepers and even side sleepers really get to benefit. The Nectar provides optimal pressure relief along the hips and shoulders, giving you an almost weightless feel. The mattress cover is made from a tensile fiber which is a lot more breathable than cotton so this mattress is great for those that tend to sleep hot. Being that it’s made of foam, you will experience no motion transfer whatsoever so you never have to worry about disrupting your partner. Considering the value you get with this mattress, the Nectar’s price continues to astonish me. It also comes with a free one year trial.

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