Nectar Hybrid vs Purple Hybrid Premier- Which Hybrid is Best?

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In the market for a hybrid mattress? The Nectar Classic Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier are both high-quality options that nevertheless differ in firmness, feel, and price. Which hybrid is best for you? Watch our full video review to find out!

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0:00 Nectar Hybrid vs Purple Hybrid Introduction
0:35 Similarities
1:07 Differences
1:48 Construction
2:47 Firmness and Feel
3:46 Sleeping Positions
4:47 Motion Transfer and Edge Support
5:42 Pricing
5:59 Who Should Get the Nectar Classic Hybrid?
6:17 Who Should Get the Purple Hybrid Premier?
6:39 Wrap Up

The main difference between the Nectar Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier is the material used in the top comfort layer. The Purple Hybrid includes Purple’s extra responsive, proprietary GelFlex grid, while the Nectar Hybrid has a gelfoam top layer that more closely mimics the slow-moving feeling of an all-foam mattress. The contouring foam of the Nectar Hybrid works best for side and back sleepers, while the Purple’s unique gel grid adapts to your body type and performs especially well for heavier sleepers.

Both the Nectar Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier have breathable support coils that are great for hot sleepers. But, if you’re on more of a budget, the Nectar Hybrid may be the better choice. Ultimately, the right hybrid for you comes down to personal preference!

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