Nectar Classic Hybrid Mattress Review – Comfortable and Supportive?

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Looking for a high-quality hybrid mattress at a great value? Introducing the Nectar Classic Hybrid, one of three new hybrid mattress models from the popular Nectar mattress brand. With a combination of comfortable memory foam and supportive inner coils, this could be the mattress of your dreams. Watch our full video review to learn more!

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0:00 Nectar Classic Hybrid Introduction
0:19 Construction and Major Details
1:01 Unboxing
1:17 Firmness and Feel
1:43 Sleeping Positions
2:11 Elisa’s Take
2:53 Motion Transfer and Edge Support
3:31 Pricing
3:49 Who Should Get the Nectar Classic Hybrid?
4:27 Who Shouldn’t Get the Nectar Classic Hybrid?
4:54 Wrap Up

The Nectar Classic Hybrid is a medium-firm mattress that is ideal for side and back sleepers. Two layers of dense foam ensure nice pressure relief, while a bottom layer of coils provides consistent support and allows airflow through the mattress. Hot sleepers should stay cool on the breathable cover, and fans of the slow-moving feeling of memory foam will enjoy sinking into the plush top layers of this mattress.

With solid edge support and motion isolation, the Nectar Classic Hybrid is also a good choice for couples. Stomach sleepers, however, may prefer a firmer mattress that will prevent their hips from sinking and keep their spine in neutral alignment. Fans of particularly bouncy mattresses may also want to look elsewhere. But, if you’re looking for a quality hybrid mattress with a memory foam feel, the Nectar Classic Hybrid is an excellent choice for you!

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