Navigation Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

Navigation Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | Part 1 of our Top 10 Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

When planning your route before your trip and help orient yourself in your surroundings during your activity. Know how to use a topographical or relief map and your compass or GPS unit before going out.

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In times of disaster, there is a need for effective navigation. Despite their usefulness, compass readings can be wrong if you’re not familiar with the area. You should also avoid metal objects like rocks and trees while using a compass. While it’s ideal to carry one with you at all times, it may not be possible in an emergency. Aside from these, you may get separated from your mate, so it’s important to be aware of other navigation tips for survival.

First of all, learn how to navigate without a compass and map. Using the map and compass correctly is vital for surviving in the wild. It will help you find ways to cross rivers and other technical terrain. When you have limited time, you can compare routes and decide on the most advantageous one. For instance, you can use the compass to know the direction of the sun, as it can point you in the right direction.

Next, learn how to use a compass. It is helpful to know how to use a compass to orient a map, but this will not be possible if you lose it or lose your compass. Nevertheless, a COMPASS is invaluable if you are lost or stranded in the wilderness. You can get lost or misplace it if you’re not prepared for this possibility.

Hi this is anna and i’m going to talk About or we are going to talk about top 10 essential wilderness revival items And um so first on my list is navigation Then sun protection Insulation illumination First aid supplies Fire repair kit and tools nutrition Hydration and emergency shelter so first On my list again is navigation so in Navigation we have map compass and gps So of course in navigation we when Planning our route before your trip and Help orient yourself in your Surroundings during your activity you Shouldn’t know How to use a topographical or relief map And your compass or gps um Before going out So of course with regards to map you can Buy your map in the nearest store And or you know you can just Ask for a friend if they have a map of Your city or which city you wanted to go And also The gps i do believe that some gps Requires Battery And Or it needs to be charged so we’re Talking about how long um with regards To survival you know how long are you Going to be in that state So

For me Compass and A map Is like Is like good for me that’s the most Important thing for me to have So with regards to compass we do have Five Sites that i can show you so firstly we Have the compass store We have the ray shop We have the eastern mountain sports or The ems We have the marine compass or the Hodges marine sorry and we also have the Sportsman’s warehouse so these are the Five Sites that i can show you where to buy a Compass so let’s start first with the Compass store All right so for the compass store It’s so easy to just go Look for The specialty compasses compass And with that there’s like It’s like categorized to different kinds Of compass we have the pocket and give Compass marine compass wrist Compass Global compass compact Compass accessories Oem compass and military compass and so On so we have like that Category so let’s um

For example let’s just click on the Wrist compass All right so for the wrist compass we Have one two three four five types of Wrist Compass and Just for example if you click on this One The ultimate power chord bracelet if you Click on that one you will see here The description so it says here ultimate Power chord bracelet 9 inches with Compass and whistle so it says here that This is a black power cord bracelet It’s Used with the nylon cords um also this Is like this is a fluid filled compass So as you can see here By the way if you hover Um Your Mouse here it will give you that effect And also it says here it it has like a Whistle so it says here you can always Use a safety whistle that is integrated Into the plastic buckle So it’s here so this is the Whistle So this is um The ultimate power cord bracelet and it Says here also um The clearance uh the clearance sale Which is six dollars and ninety cents All right so if you go ahead and click

Back You can see this kinds of compass again And then if you’re not fine with that if You like if you want to look for a Pocketing gift compass They have it here also so here are The um Types of compass for gifts Like that if you click on this one Aluminum wrist Compass There you go So it’s from 29.95 Now it’s 1895. So as you can see here the the bezel Diameter the bezel material the Composition The width and the overall weight here And if you wanted to buy it Um you can just click on How how many one you wanted to order and Then just Click add to cart and you’re good to go So that is for the compass store now Let’s move on to The array shop so in the ratio there’s a Lot of Items here but if you want to go and Look for a compass just go click on or Hover your mouse to con to camp and hike And then just go on and scroll down here And you will see that under the gadgets And gear the compass so click on the Compass and then it will direct you to

The page Where you will see the compass now for The ray shop Okay As you can see here It’s a total of nine Uh products of the compass here and also We have articles like they have 12 Articles like how to choose a compass How to choose a and use a gps how to Adjust in Uh the declination on a compass how to Use a compass you know so on and so Forth but if you’re looking for a Product just click on the products here Now the best thing For ray is you can click on compare I do believe you can click on Four items for you to compare for Example you like this much better Okay and once you click on those four i Try to click on the fifth and i’m sure It’s not gonna let you Click okay there you go so Um it’s just Gonna give you four um items to compare So once you chose four or at least two Items That you want to compare just click on Compare Okay And once you click compare You will see here The comparison of each product so you

Can see here the reviews so Out of 38 this is the review out of 60 This is the review and so on And you can also see here Best use so this is best used for hiking This is also good for hiking this is Also good for hiking so all of them are Are actually good for hiking now this is Analog or digital so all of them are Analog So the increments so we have 2 degrees 10 degrees 2 degrees and 2 degrees so as You can see you will see here that some Of them has yes and some of them are Black meaning Um you can see here Just by looking through it this is the Most complete Um With regards to the declination Adjustment signing mirror global needle Liquid filled but then again this is Still up to you and as you can see here Ah so this is The santo mc 2g navigator compass and this costs Around 95 Now If you want to shop that item or if you Want to get that item just get just Click on this one and you’re good to go So this is what i love about the rate Shop but what you are able to Compare the items that you just wanted

To see What are the differences of this compass To each other you know And next up we have the eastern mountain Sports Or the ems So with the same with um With the ray shop They just click on camp and hike and you Can see here Under navigation is the compass so just Click on that one and you will see This So we they have five products and You can just for example you wanted to You want you wanted the cheapest ones Like for example this one okay let’s Click it Okay once you click that one you will See um the details here the description All right And the attributes Okay And also Um It says here no color basically this is Like black or yellow it’s like black and Then there’s no size basically because This is not a wrist compass so just Put here your quantity and then Add to cart and so on Also they have the shipping and returns Here you just click here for view Shipping options for quick delivery

And if ever that there is like a returns And refunds and exchanges just click on This one as well So this is what i like about Ems All right so let’s go back and See Here All right so next site Is The hodges marine so this is basically More into the Marine type Compass So as you can see here All right still loading But basically um here in Um marine compass and navigation this is Basically you know Uh Best uh best to use in the sea Especially if you almost Uh you live in In the sea almost Every day then this is a must Okay it’s still loading here Let’s click on that one let’s try that One okay There you go so for this one for example Let’s go ahead and use or click this you Know And let’s see what’s inside of this Alright so with three cards to this one Just in case you wanted this you know

Um you can see here the name Of the item The amount And the quantity in stock for example Like currently they have six of these um Right now So it says here as well free ground Shipping to ship out today order this Item in the next Nine hours like that so you can also put Here the quantity And Of course there is like you can add an Extended extended warranty And just click on this one if you want To extend it for one year two years Or three years just add 48.99 And then click add To cart so below that we have the Description here So basically A description of the product itself And you can see here the the weight and There’s also some notes in here Um quick specs And also there uh there is like reviews Here Um says your great price Fast shipping exactly what i ordered so This is like a rating of five as you can See There you go so it’s a actually the it Has 13 reviews but all of them are five Stars which is great so we also have

Products q a so Well you can ask a question if you want To um there’s also an extended Information And just click on that one this is like A pdf file so you can read about it and There’s like a return policy And this is actually Good you can read this and You’re good to go So this is the Um Hodges marines basically this is more on Into A Compass in using in the sea okay Yeah All right next up we have the sportsman Warehouse Wherein currently we have This So we have like uh One Yeah Okay So have these products as well so if you Click on that one you can see already Here The um The ratings of the product So again Sportsman warehouse And then just go ahead and look for the Compass oh i forgot where is the compass

Here Oh look okay All right but definitely we’ll see it There and then when you click on that One You will see here as well The name of the product The amount And it says here save up to 50 on your Online order today all right that’s also Good All right so no if there is If this is currently not in stock well You can actually put here notify when in Stock or add to wishlist All right again if you want to hover and Look around about look around the um Contest just hover your mouse What about this one Same thing so you can see the details of The compass Without actually going to the physical Store Okay And There you go and that’s what i love About sportsman warehouse And so basically these Five sites where you can buy The compasses Are great So Yeah I’ll see you soon i’ll get back to you

To the next um Top Two essential In our survival tool alright see you Soon