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Literally don’t start playing this game unless you have a couple of hours to spare, you’ll be sucked right into it’s world and you’ll want to stay there for days.

Not a lot of fancy editing in this one, though there’s a few parts I’m kinda proud of. This video took waaaay too long to make (actual time was over 110 hours total), partly because I played the game for like 80 hours.

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Mods for pretty much anything:
Awesome guide for enhancing the graphics in Morrowind:
If you’re interested in the lore, check out ‘The Lorerunner’:
Or head on over to the ‘Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages’:
Here’s a quick and easy list of all the books in the game: (It’s highly recommended to read through a few of these because some of them are gooooood)
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