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Molecule Mattress Review – Is This New Bed Right for You?

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Molecule Mattress Review – Is This New Bed Right for You?

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Molecule is a new brand on the bed-in-a-box-scene promising to use science to help its customers find deep, restorative sleep. But how you might ask? Why with its “air-engineered” flagship mattress outfitted with cooling tech and pressure-relieving foam.

So that definitely sounds good, but how comfortable is the bed actually? I won’t know for sure until I put it to the test, assessing how it feels and how it sleeps to see if it might be the mattress of your dreams.

The Molecule mattress features an all-foam design with three distinct layers, stacking up to just over 12” in height. While this may seem like a fairly typical bed-in-a-box construction, the brand claims the build was specifically conceived to help users achieve optimal “Slow Wave Sleep,” which some experts believe is the most revitalizing kind of slumber.

Cover – Molecule’s advanced cover material actively wicks moisture to help keep things cool throughout the mattress. It’s also breathable and soft, providing the sleeper with immediate comfort.

Comfort Layer – Built with the brand’s proprietary MolecularFlo foam, the comfort layer has a slow response to pressure, allowing for deep body contouring. The material is most similar to memory foam, but its open-cell design helps to combat the overheating so often associated with the classic mattress material.

Transition Layer – Next up, you’ll find a layer of the brand’s RecoveryFlo foam. This section is comprised of a series of hexagonal perforations, which work to adapt and conform to the unique curves of your body, extending the contouring of the comfort layer even deeper into the mattress.

Base Layer – And finally the foundation, which is made up of 7” of high-density poly foam. This layer gives the bed its durability and shape.

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