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The Molecule M2 is the most expensive of any of the company’s products. Is this mattress worth the money? I will go through its feature set to see if its zoned support, heat dissipation and temperature control make for a luxury experience. We’ll even compare it to its baby brother from the same company, the Molecule M1.

Molecule markets its M2 as a mattress that will help with sleep recovery. The M2 features a zoned transition layer to help with different pressure zones in the body, and each of its foam layers are constructed from an interesting mix of materials. The company also sells a full inventory of sleep accessories. There are even products for your pets. If you like the brand, the team wants to make sure you don’t look anywhere else.

Molecule also has a Sports & Science Team featuring many top athletes from different sports. Super Bowl winning quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Tom Brady are among the endorsements, but how much does this mean for the way the M2 actually feels? The company claims the Molecule M2 helps with recovery, which most athletes would likely benefit from. Rest assured-the performance of the M2 is what this review is all about.

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