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MODERN HOUSE TOUR: Hand Built Surfer Home That PAID For Itself

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MODERN HOUSE TOUR: Hand Built Surfer Home That PAID For Itself

I was tired of paying a mortgage so I hand built my own modern house with an income rental apartment that would allow me to travel and surf. Now I live mortgage free and actually make money just living on the property. Follow On Instagram: @LootingLife

The entire project took me just about 3 years of design and construction. But at the end of the day I got everything I wanted including a cash flow that pays for the taxes and utilities.

To really capitalize on the killer deal I got on the land, I used the view to create a unique getaway for a rental which paid for itself in only 10 months.

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Left the job grind making $200,000+ a year at 27 years old and achieved a net worth of $1,000,000 by my 30th birthday.

I’m a simple surfer who dreamt of chasing waves instead of the paycheck. Saved excessively in my 20s and made a few key investments that allowed me to purchase seven acres of raw land. Instead of hiring a builder, I decided to solo build my own income shipping container home – mortgage free.

I consider myself a fancy and frugal minimalist and now live off expenses of roughly $900 a month. I’m in love with business and entrepreneurship, with my “expertise” being real estate, specifically rentals and land development.

I spend my days growing my property management business, surfing, training Brazilian Jiu jitsu, traveling and learning how to cook new dishes.

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