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Mobisol Smart Solar Homes

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Mobisol Smart Solar Homes

This innovative ICT-enabled solution combines solar energy, mobile technology and microfinance to bring clean power to rural households in Rwanda and Tanzania. Mobisol Smart Solar Homes is a rent-to-own service that lowers the barrier to buying solar home systems upfront by allowing customers to pay the system off in 36 monthly installments. Each system can be monitored remotely. Generation and consumption of electricity, as well as customer payments, are tracked in real-time. By helping people switch from polluting fuels, such as kerosene, petrol and diesel, to clean energy, Mobisol is helping to tackle climate change and improving lives. More than one-third of Mobisol customers in rural areas have started small businesses selling excess energy produced by their personal solar systems, fuelling the transition to a low-carbon economy and generating incremental income.

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