MLB The Show 22 Perfect Pinpoint Pitching! How to perfect the science of Accuracy!

MLB The Show 22 Perfect Pinpoint Pitching! How to perfect the science of Accuracy!

The step by step guide on how to use pinpoint pitching.

What’s up guys today we’re going to be Talking about how pinpoint pitching Is going to be your best source of Pitching for accurate throws You can control where the ball goes When when it gets there it’s really easy To learn And it’s just Super good for competitive and Programs and all that stuff [Music] All right so let’s start off with the Basics we got All your pitch selections on the outside You got a is a fastball piece a slider y Is a sinker x is a cutter and r b is a Circle change Now above that is the energy and Confidence Confidence is like how your picture’s Feeling if you get a Dinger hit off you Probably picture the confidence is going To go way low Energy is just how much How much longer the pitcher can go right Now ours is at full but normally it’s Going to be like at half or something if You’re playing regular games so they Want you to use different pictures so You use other pictures then Just one the whole time that has great Stamina So

Fastball See the you’re going to want to Look at the ball in the middle Here in the strike zone that’s where You’re going to want to place use your Left analog stick to place And you see the big there’s a big circle Above and a little circle the little Circles where you’re going to want to End up after you Draw your line That’s the pitch release And if i get it perfect it will go to Where i want to go So let’s go alone away down up Uh it’s not perfect And that’s that’s awful let’s just do a Cutter because cutters are easy Cutters are out up And Down Sinkers down around And throw Around What a play What i’ll play All right so if you throw this cutter Here The Communion is good yellow means bad They’re like medium and red means bad So let’s talk about the things on the Side the accuracy part That’s how close it’s going to be

The early part is Again Your pitch release time And It says two degrees left That’s how Uh like a way like let’s see right here That’s gonna be 19 degrees left because I was nowhere near the dot on that one So we come around that’s accuracy There’s also Too slow which is like how fast you go Around so you gotta get your climbing Down And then down you see it was point Audrey’s so right Sometimes you’re gonna get it from these And you’re just gonna go ahead but Most of the time like It’s gonna give you a perfect if the Timing’s Right and it’s not going to give you The degrees like if you let’s just say You don’t need to place the ball in the Right spot let’s just do a circle change For example If you need to place it like here where You end up placing here You go all the way around and then hit Down here and it’ll go out to the side So let’s do a slider Go up there but you don’t want it out There so you come here and it goes in The middle

Thanks for watching guys stay tuned for More tutorials I’m probably going to come up with the Batting one I mean that is pretty simple but We’re going to come up with more Tutorials and show you guys Just the basics we can [Music]