MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty- New June Monthly Reward Yordan Alvarez Released!

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty- New June Monthly Reward Yordan Alvarez Released! Easiest Tips and Tricks to get Him Fast! Step by step guide to the monthly rewards.

What’s up guys welcome back to another Mob the show video today we’re going to Talk about how to get the newly released June monthly lightning card jordan Alvarez he’s in 97 overall juiced Hitting stats i’m going to show you the Easiest way to get them with some tips And tricks [Music] All right let’s get into this stats of This card he’s got 115 contact on the Right 101 contact on the left Max power on the right 92 power on the Left which isn’t bad he’s got 78 vision Still not sure what vision does He’s got All these other hitting stats that mean Absolutely nothing Fielding is eh it’s a gold but it’s Still good his speed’s 43 kind of on the Slow side but I mean he’s a left fielder or you’re Looking for that power hitter always Hitting home runs we love that So How you’re gonna get this guy In stage one you’re gonna want to Complete every single one of these Moments which is going to get you a set Of 16 cards four for each week So You’re gonna get these guys immediately Put them in the

Collection um After you do that you’re gonna get sent To stage two Can i recommend Uh as soon as you get these cards from The Like Juice packs I recommend starting with a pitcher Uh This walker guy i think he would be Great to start because you could just go Into all these things where you can get Xp just start him as a pitcher and You’ll be good To go Off of what i just said As soon as you get them Put them in the collection required Collection only it gives you 15 Of the star things And then You’re just going to want to go through Each and every single player You got to get 250 xp with the lower Caliber players 500 with the higher Caliber players And then you’re gonna get into the Higher Cards up here And then overall by doing this you’re Going to get the 115 or 1500

Uh hitters and To 2500 pitchers And Just like that that’s 30 right there After doing all those you’ll be Exactly where you want to be you’ll be Able to get him Uh you’ll be able to get chris sale You’ll be able to get all this stuff in The middle Um after that and you’re just going to Want to get xp with him And you’re gonna be able to get all These cars that you didn’t get in the Beginning And Um You know these cars are pretty good Center fielder brian reynolds he’s got Some pretty good hitting on the right Uh i recommend getting kyle schwerber Because you know He’s juice on the uh phillies he’s got Amazing hitting power He’s just a good player all around One last thing when you’re getting all These guys from the packs and putting Them in collection So you see these guys up here all these Guys The ones that you got from the uh June Weekly um You’re gonna that’s gonna go into your

Tops now uh progress which you’re also Gonna wanna get Then with all these guys you’re just Gonna be playing Cpu games and conquest And just doing all these rank seasons Just to get the xp with the guys After you finish that You should be good Uh to get him you’re going to put him Collections like i said You’re going to want to play these Events as well um Most of them pretty easy just with all The players that you get from the packs And overall it should be very easy to Get jordan alvarez Thanks for watching guys Come back for more videos like and Subscribe thank you [Music]