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Pictured in this video are a variety of rent to own properties that we have available in cities all over the United States everywhere from our home base in Atlanta Georgia, to the Midwest out in Chicago, the East Coast and Boston area, and some homes located in and around the Tampa Bay area suburbs.

If you are looking to sell out of your home fast, we already have more buyers than we do sellers. After the financial turmoil of the last few years it left a lot of good people with bad credit. We realize that nobody wants to not pay their bills and they might have just been a victim of circumstance or bad timing. We give people dreaming to own a house of their own so they are just throwing away money into some apartment which they are ever getting any kind of equity out of and we also give people who might’ve stretched ourselves too far financially a chance to sell their home and get full value by allowing the buyer to rent the house while they go through a credit repair. Which typically lasts anywhere from 18 to 36 months on the average, at that time the renter then becomes the owner of the property and the seller can walk away with 18 to 36 months of positive cash flow.

The perspective tenants are all left completely up to who we will allow to rent to after we have performed an exhaustive criminal background check to ensure that none of the potential buyers are anyone who is trying to scam the system.

The best part is if you want to list your house with us you are under no obligation to do it exclusively, during the period that you are leasing your house you can also continue to market it through your favorite real estate agent or broker while we pursue trying to sell it through our cutting edge marketing methods.

Did I mention that our services also free? There are also no closing costs or any other kinds of hidden fees, everything is covered through the rent to own process and our contracts are regularly reviewed by our teams of lawyers to ensure that everything is honest and transparent.

Melrick Equity Partners
11175 Cicero Drive, Ste. # 100
Alpharetta, GA
(877) 405-6526

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