Medical kit Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival|11 Handy Vital Items to Include in Your Survival Pack

Small medical kit – Bring along a small pre-assembled first aid kit with the basics. At the very least, you should have splints and bandages for any accidents that may occur, and any personal medical essentials, such as an epinephrine pen.

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Hi guys welcome back to this video so we Will be talking our Eighth Item for our 11 vital items to include In your survival pack so the eighth item Will be the small medical kit so bring Along a small pre-assembled first aid Kit with the basics at the very least You should have splints Bandages or any accidents that may occur And any person personal medical Essentials such as an epinephrine pen Or Any medic any medications that You need for yourself All right so i’ll be showing you five um Websites where you can actually buy a Mini first aid kit So first we have they have a mini first aid Kit here this is only five dollars and Nine cents so it says here mini clear Blue plastic 29 piece Um first aid kit prepares you for Everyday emergencies and says you allow Two days prep time in addition to Shipping method Selected at checkout So They have a minimum order quantity which Is four Alright so this is what it looks like [Music] For the items these are the items

Included you can see a sterile gauze Antiseptic pad Um towelette Uh Knuckle fabric bandage am i correct yeah So see it here Scroll down you can see the description Here perfect kit for cuts and scrapes For all sizes This kit prepares you for those small Everyday emergencies fits easily into a Purse pocket school bag or glove Compartment so the contents here Is the following are the following so Five adhesive adhesive plastic bandages One by three Three four and by three Junior plastic bandages spot spot Plastic bandages knuckle fabric bandage Fingertip fabric bandage Uh four sterile gauze pads two by two Two alcohols Wipes 2bzk antiseptic towelettes and one Antibiotic ointment Packet [Music] So as you can see here It’s it’s a mini first aid kit and if You like Medical If you have A medical needs like for example if you Need some Medication the medications that you’re

Taking if for every day you should at Least include it here So Just put it inside the Bag here so it’s easy access as well So yeah again this is five dollars and Nine cents but it has a minimum order Quantity of four so again that is Next up is This is basically a johnson johnson First aid kit It says your mini travel kit 12 piece um Let’s see here They also have a shipping returns here If you click i already click it but Anyways Let’s see here So yeah I’m not sure about the price here it’s Not indicated here I can’t scroll down Here show more Okay So prices promotion styles and Availability may vary by store and Online see our price match guarantee Just click on this one And see how A store is chosen for you all right so Just click on that one so you would know The price For

Um This mini kit There you go but it’s you can see here a Bandage And stuff So yeah that is this this is Basically a johnson and johnson first Aid kit Next up is Survive where dot com they have a first A small first aid kit here this is 36.95 They have a 267 reviews they have a Perfect five-star review here which is Great Um you can see here if you click this One um This is Uh basically how it looks like it’s a 600 600d polyester It is also water resistant versatile Straps compact and portable it says Their 100 money back guarantee free Shipping on orders over 25 dollars so if You just order this one this is already Free shipping And if you click on this one you will See the contents of your um First aid kit here Clearly labeled for fast access when you Need it most So it’s really There’s already labels here so you can

Actually just Easily access them And if you click on that one You see how small And compact this small first aid kit is You can actually see that one So what i like about this one it’s it’s Already labeled so we can have a faster Access on getting the items that you Needed for that time See product video click on that one if You want the video and here is the Product description here it says Durable strong and designed to last Compact light and portable Waterproof inner contents organization Is key during times of crisis which is Correct So Yeah uh so what’s inside the Kit This is what It has It it’s it has a lot of things here Six Inches shears six hundred polyester bag Alcohol wipes antiseptic antiseptic Wipes butterfly closures adhesive Bandages butterfly small butterfly large Um H Shape Large mini standard square cotton gauze Swabs cotton swabs

Cpr pouch with instructions Which is where this is really great Emergency blanket Eye pads Cpr Breathing mask Crep bandage hypoallergenic tape Nitrile gloves medicine laminate mini Bag personal medicine mini bags Pbt conforming bandage safety pins Splinter probes strip one closures String relief wipes First aid guide triangular bandage Tweezer and a whistle So basically this is Almost complete So yeah The product highlights here it’s that Comprehensive first aid guide quality Shears and tweezers Mole compatible or m-o-l-l-e compatible Extra d-rings for mounting and 1 000 Zipper certified Which is great so again this is 36 Dollars 36.95 Very just very good again this is Next up we have Again this is also a john johnson Johnson first aid to go first aid kit So Where to buy online retailers amazon for 55.99 So this is the review the only reason

Why i didn’t give this product five Stars is because it’s very basic it Doesn’t contain much which is not Inherently bad considering it’s very Inexpensive i got mine as a gift but you Can get it for for one dollar it’s great For what you are paying it’s great for What you are paying for it more than Great even but you don’t even But you you’d have to alter it and Modify it to suit you since there’s a Bit more space to first aid kit Essentials that won’t take up too much Space actually Um first aid kits is you should actually Modify your first aid kit I always say that in my videos you Should always Modify it It depends on your needs or your medical Needs as well So yeah again this is So next up we have They have a first aid kit here that This is a little bit bigger than the Other ones but This is 24.25 Here you can see Here The details How big that this is but it’s also Almost complete So there’s a different kinds of first Aid kits here again it depends on how

Lightweight or compact your um First aid kit is There you go so Um again this is 24.25 So we have global Ban aid dot com And So um thank you so much for watching and Please See me on the next video for our ninth Item on our list thank you